Chris Sims Is Unleashing Every Horrible Thing Your Mind Can Imagine!

After dropping out of college to spend more time with the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Chris Sims decided to pretty much read comic books professionally and write allegedly humorous things about them in his spare time.

In addition to all that, he’s a freelance writer whose work can be seen on PrismComics.org, CRACKED.com, the website of the beloved second-rate comedy mag, and in Jim Shelley’s Flashback Universe comics. He is also the author of the wildly popular urban fantasy novel, The Chronicles of Solomon Stone: Book One: Enter: Solomon: Stone Me Deadly, concerning the adventures of a half-vampire private detective, his buxom lady sidekick, and a conspiracy of zombies within the Catholic Church.

He enjoys movies where vast portions of dialogue have been replaced with explosions, images of super-heroes kicking people in the face and fighting animals (specifically bears), and considers himself a devotee of all things awesome.