9 thoughts on “AFD 2009: An Empowering Reminder From Boo Cat!!!!!

  1. Really, though, doesn’t EVERYONE see themselves as a lesbian exhibitionist werecat on the inside, at least a little bit?

  2. Speaking of cats, kind of, I desperately hope that when historians look back on this day on this blog — and they will — that the 17 cats under your “About” section will be preserved for posterity. I keep going back to that, and from Cheetara on, I crack up every time.

  3. See it’s empowering because it makes Tigra look like an actual superhero.

  4. I hope you guys aren’t joking about this! This is truly empowering.
    I mean, if I could somehow meld my cat Luna with my girlfriend Rayvunn, I would totally hit that- cuz it’s my RIGHT!

    OT- do any of you play any instruments? I’m starting a all girl band to play at conventions. It’s called “Amidala’s Metal Bikini”.

  5. I do play a couple of instruments, but badly. Also I am not a girl. So sorry. But Im more sorry for myself, cause that’s an awesome band name that I would’ve loved to be a part of.

  6. That is not just a slogan of empowerment, it is also a HIGHLY entertaining defense to stalking charges. Try it in court sometime!

  7. I forgot one thing. She’s giving the middle finger right there, and is pretty obviously nude other than the hood, but she doesn’t say fuck. The clear implication, then, is that JIM BALENT ACTUALLY THINKS “SCRATCH OFF” SOUNDS BETTER.