Sketchbook: MODOK by Jeff Parker



I used this one in the MODOK gallery I did for Comics Alliance, but it’s worth a second look because it is totally awesome.

Jeff Parker is, of course, one of the best writers working in comics today, with titles as varied as the great Mysterius the Unfathomable to the kid-friendly Marvel Adventures Avengers–which includes the greatest comic book ever printed–but what you might not know is that he’s also a pretty good artist too, who wrote and drew the immensely fun spy comic, The Interman.

8 thoughts on “Sketchbook: MODOK by Jeff Parker

  1. Jeff Parker needs to get some credit for making comics that are fun, rather than emotionally overwrought, or “badass”. His Marvel Adventures Avengers are some of the best books Marvel has put out in the last few years.

  2. Don’t forget his new Exiles series…. That is crazy fun….

    and I’d contest the “pretty good” artist bit. His work on Ultraverse’s Solitaire was amazing.

  3. Now hold on, let’s clarify. I can’t tell from the link you posted whether you’re referring to the comic where the Avengers all turn into MODOK-ized versions of themselves, or the one where they fly into space to try to stop Ego the Living Planet from putting the moves on Earth.

    Either is acceptable, of course, but I’m curious as to which you picked. (I would also accept, “The one where Johnny made Reed’s old car into a souped-up hot rod and a Doombot stole it.”)

  4. I’m calling it. The Amazing Mr. Internets is the sensational character find of 2009.

  5. So, if I want to read more about this “MODOK” guy (and his love interests), what TPB’s do you recommend, besides NextWave and the above mentioned Greatest Comic Book Ever Printed? Why is there no The Essential MODOK?