War Rocket Ajax #5: The Awesome Approach with Jeff Parker



The world’s most destructive comic book podcast roars into its fearsome fifth episode as Eugene and I talk to Jeff Parker about what goes into making comics awesome! (HINT: MODOK, gorillas, and Truman Capote.)

As you might expect, we spend a lot of time talking to Parker about the greatest story of all time, but we also have news about the upcoming Mysterius the Unfathomable hardcover, a brief appearance by a Special Guest who may or may not be drawing the upcoming Image comic Underground, and the Ajax-Exclusive inside story of Age of the Sentry’s connection to America’s #1 American, Stephen Colbert.

Also, I give my reaction to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (which I imagine I’ll have a bit more to say about next week), Eugene and I bicker over the quality of Kick Ass, and we get the ultimate answer to our New Jack Swing question!

So head over to War Rocket Ajax to download or stream the episode and catch a glimpse of Rusty’s awesome art for this week’s show, and if you haven’t already, check us out in the iTunes store as well.

And while we’re on the subject of my shameless self promotion, I’ve got a new article up on Heavy where I offer up Hova and Ye’s most boastful lyrics in a list of The Ten Most Over-The-Top Brag Rhymes in Hip-Hop History! Enjoy it!

5 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #5: The Awesome Approach with Jeff Parker

  1. I didn’t listed to WRA for the first few weeks because I figured, “Sure, I love it when Sims shows me scans of monkeys fighting Nazis and stuff, but how much do I really want to hear him in a podcast for an hour? And, really, it takes away another day from possible monkey-related content on the ISB! I spite the podcast!”

    And then I was running out of things to listen to at work so I went ahead and started downloaded the first three episodes.

    I’ve spent the last two weeks building my own Time Platform, breaking only for work, sleep, and episodes 4 and 5 of War Rocket Ajax. When I’m done with the Time Platform, I’m going to go back and punch myself from a month ago right in my stupid face for being so stupid.

    Which is my way of saying that the podcast is great and this week’s interview with Parker is super great.

  2. I’ve never heard Parker talk so I was a bit surprised that he sounds kinda like a college football coach.

  3. Is it wrong that what excited me most about your Heavy piece was the news that there’s a Transmorphers 2?

  4. You didn’t want to listen to my podcast–which includes detailed discussion of the six-gun gorilla–because you were didn’t want to miss monkey content?


  5. I learned my lesson and I’ll never doubt you again!

    Seriously, though, the Six-Gun Gorilla discussion probably ranks as one of the greatest discussions of anything ever. I’m pretty sure that reintroducing people to such a great concept is going to get you nominated for a Nobel Prize in something.