War Rocket Ajax #190: Pokemon, Give Me A Hell Yeah with Mike Lawrence

War Rocket Ajax #190This week, it’s an all-new War Rocket Ajax with comedian Mike Lawrence! You may have seen him on Conan or heard him on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, but now he’s in the big leagues on War Rocket Ajax  — you know, no big deal. We talk about doing comedy at conventions, how the Clone Saga is his cocaine, and just how much glint you can get away with when you’re referencing the cover to Wolverine #1.

Plus, we’ve got another installment of Every Story Ever, plus our usual checks and recs!

War Rocket Ajax #190: Pokémon, Give Me A Hell Yeah with Mike Lawrence

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Show Notes:

War Rocket Ajax #188: The 94th Annual Flash Gordon Memorial Awards Show

Wait, Gordon's ALIVE?!

A new year means that it’s time once again for War Rocket Ajax’s annual Gordie Awards! It’s the awards show where our listeners pick the categories and we pick the winners, honoring the excellence of all the media we experienced in 2013. Or, you know, the stuff we can remember, so it might be 2012 or maybe last week. Who are you to argue with almost 95 years of excellence?

The important thing is that you guys picked the categories, so when we’re entering our second straight hour of talking about pro wrestling, it’s your fault, not ours.


War Rocket Ajax #188: The 2014 Gordie Awards

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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Movie Fighters: Equestria Girls

A bridge too far, even for me.
This week, the Movie Fighters podcast returns for 2014, as we go toe-to-hoof with My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, quite possibly the weirdest movie we have ever watched.

I’ve been a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since day one, but this was Matt’s first time watching anything that had to do with the series, and I could not have picked a worse introduction to the show. After being declared a princess in events that I missed (I keep forgetting to set my DVR), Twilight Sparkle goes through a magic mirror to a world where all of her pony friends are now pastel humans, seeking out a magic crown that can only be won in a literal popularity contest. Before long, the ponies that are now girls engage in what I can only describe as erotic pony play.

That’s not a joke.

That actually happens.

It’s weird as all hell, and mystifying for both of us as we try to figure out just what the hell happened and why, and you can get the whole episode for just one dollar! Check it out, and support the Movie Fighters as we move into our second two-fisted year!

War Rocket Ajax #187: The Fifth Annual War On Christmas Special

Just Gimme One Dance With Ash!

You may have noticed that I’ve been slacking off on posting my annual musical advent calendar, and I have a reason for that. Today, it is time once again for the fifth annual War Rocket Ajax War On Christmas Special, and in what might be the most harrowing idea we have ever done, Matt and I are joined by Matt Fraction and Maggie Serota in an attempt to create The Worst Christmas Mixtape Ever!

Each of us picked five tracks, and as we sip eggnog and roast chestnuts, we move from the least offensive to the absolutely soul-scarring, from a sleepy “Santa Baby” to “Christmas With A Dalek” all the way to asking “Where’s The Line To See Jesus?” Our only rule was that we couldn’t use anything from Psychopathic Records, but other than that, no holds were barred, and it got pretty ugly. Plus, Trip Fantastic‘s Jason Baxter and a special guest of his own join us for what I think is our very first cooking segment, where we offer up a recipe for eggnog!

War Rocket Ajax #87: The Yuletide Solstice Podmass Podcast Podbash Bash Blast Cast Jax with Matt Fraction and Maggie Serota

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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And if you want to follow along with the music yourself (WARNING: IT IS AWFUL), here’s a YouTube playlist of all 20 songs!

The Movie Fighters Holiday Specials!


It’s Movie Fighters time, friends, and this week we’ve got a present for you from me and Matt! Not only do we have our second Christmas selection, but all of our holiday specials are in one convenient bundle for only four bucks! If you haven’t already snagged ’em, you can grab both Halloween episodes and both Christmas episodes, and you’re set for any holiday travel you may be doing — assuming that said travel lasts for about six hours or less.

You may also notice that there are no Thanksgiving episodes involved, and that is because Thanksgiving is a straight up garbage holiday. But you do get…

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters: Who knew that a movie about Hawkeye having magic diabetes could be so fun? We certainly weren’t expecting it.

Monster Squad: Our most requested “horror” movie offering is slightly more flawed than you might remember it, if only for its ludicrous proposition that Dracula could be felled by mere children.

Santa Claus: The Movie: From the producers of Superman, Superman II and, uh, Supergirl comes an origin story for Santa that suddenly turns into a movie about an elf who makes magic candy and bad puns. We have never been this disappointed before.

Santa’s Slay: By listener request, we take on this holiday farce starring Bill Goldberg as a murderous Santa Claus who, as the son of Satan, goes on a vengeful rampage through Canada on Christmas Day 2005. This is, believe it or not, maybe the best movie we have done on the show.

And as an added bonus…

Rambo: The Force of Freedom: When S.A.V.A.G.E. Stole Santa: We watch the Christmas episode of the ’80s cartoon for kids based on the Rambo movies, which I will remind you are about a traumatized Vietnam veteran just murdering people for hours. It is so confusing that talk about it for ever (IE about an hour).

The bonus episode is streaming for free, but you get it as part of the album. Check it out, and remember, you can give these things as gifts. Perfect for someone who hates movies and wants their biases confirmed.

Movie Fighters vs. Santa Claus: The Movie

Merry Christmas, kids! Hope you like disappointment!Today is St. Nicholas day, and I hope that all of you found candy in your shoes, oranges in your socks, and a heretic to backhand! But really, what better way is there to honor the jolly old saint than by diving right into Santa Claus: The Movie, a theatrical production detailing his origin and adventures, produced by the folks who brought you Supergirl: The Movie?

Well, there’s probably a whole heck of a lot of better ways, because this movie is genuinely, infuriatingly terrible — and you can find out exactly why in the brand-new episode of Movie Fighters! It’s our very first Christmas Special (the first of two that we’re doing this month), and it can be yours for a mere one dollar! Listen in as I go from cheerfully optimistic at the promise of a movie about Santa Claus starring the big Lebowski from The Big Lebowski to being crushed by the reality of a movie that’s actually about elf office politics and Dudley Moore’s puns in record time. Thrill as you find out whether a truly masterful bit of scenery-chewing from John Lithgow is enough to save it (it’s not), and chill as we wonder if Christmas is ruined… forever.

Okay, that last bit doesn’t happen, but we do have fun talking about it for about an hour. Give it a listen!

Movie Fighters: Big Money Rustlas

What sin could a man commit in a single lifetime...Despite all better judgement, Juggalo Month continues with our second voyage into the Insane Clown Posse’s filmography, Big Money Rustlas! It’s the prequel that claims to be inspired by Blazing Saddles, Sergio Leone and Looney Tunes, but in reality is a pile of cinematic shit in a cowboy hat. Fortunately, you don’t have to watch it because we already did, and you can listen to us talk about it for an hour for just $1!

Over the course of the discussion, we discover where all the racism and homophobia that we expected in the first movie ended up, get really uncomfortable at the presence of Scott Hall, and actually get into a debate over which ICP movie is actually better. We realize before too long that it’s not a very productive debate.

Grab the episode today and thanks for listening, everybody!