Christmas Special: Season’s Greetings from J. Jonah Jameson!

All the staff at the Bugle liked Christmas a lot,
But Jonah, who signed all their paychecks, did not.

JJJ hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season,
And not even Robbie really quite knew the reason!

Perhaps it was just the cigars that he smokes?
Or maybe he’s really the meanest of blokes!

But no matter why, children, for as we’ll all soon see,
It’s in ruining Christmas where Jonah finds glee!

It starts at the party–much like most office crises–
With a group of lost children, fresh in from the ices!

Poor Miss Brant was elected as their de facto sitter,
Then a mention of Spidey set the kids all a-twitter!

“Kids?! In MY office?!” Jonah said with a growl,
“I’ll stop them from loving that menace… but.. how?”









…And that’s what made this Jonah’s best Christmas ever.


For the scenes shown above (and lots more Yuletide fun), you should check out Spider-Man’s Tangled Web twenty-one! As you can all see, it’s a heck of a book, by the team of J. Bone and–of course!–Darwyn Cooke!

15 thoughts on “Christmas Special: Season’s Greetings from J. Jonah Jameson!

  1. It’s a little-known fact that the Bugle’s printing presses are powered by the tears of innocent children. It’s not that JJJ is a dick (although he clearly is) so much as he’s just really devoted to green energy — at any cost.

  2. DARWYN COOKE Tangled Web was so excellent. Some of the others kinda sucked rocks, but the 2 that Cooke did were so awesome that you could awake to find yourself handcuffed to the Brooklyn Bridge in your tighty-whities the next morning after reading one, and STILL be happy about it. And you don’t even WEAR tighty-whities.

  3. This entry brought the awesome, big time.

    I think I just learned the true meaning of Christmas. Or something.

  4. And even though Jonah is brimming over with holiday evil, he still takes time to make sure the little children are warmly dressed.

    Whatta guy!

  5. Chris, somehow you and Darwyn Cooke just seem to go together – like steak and eggs! Hall and Oates! The RIAA and naked greed! ;)

    Tim Liebe
    Solstice Greetings to All