Ask Chris #5: Comics Culture and Batman’s Monster Truck



In this week’s Ask Chris column, I am once again put in an awkward position, this time as the arbitrator of what aspects of comics culture are great, and which ones need to be put on a rocket and sent into the sun.

But then someone asked me if Batman’s ever driven a monster truck and cheerleaders, and it all works out okay.

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5 thoughts on “Ask Chris #5: Comics Culture and Batman’s Monster Truck

  1. Helfer & Baker’s run on The Shadow is one of the 10 funniest comics series ever. (Though I think Kyle Baker must be involved with at least 3 of them. The Cowboy Wally Show for sure.)

    “None can escape the wrath of Ed Smith, Lizard of Doom.”

  2. Ah, the Helfer/ Baker run on The Shadow. I’m not a fan of the Chaykin series that led into that run- I think they’re interesting comics but lousy Shadow stories. But Helfer and Baker took that particular lemon and made utterly insane lemonade. And by “insane”, I mean Grant Morrison and Bob Haney working as a team with the stated goal of trying to be crazy would have trouble even getting close.

  3. Hey, Chris. Two questions – Do you think Batman and Robin was snubbed at the Eisners? What do you think about James Robinson being nominated as best writer for Cry for Justice?

  4. If you had answered the other way on the Ramones question, I may have had to find someone else to review comics and make jokes Anita Blake for me.

    Also, very strong choices on the top 5 question. But no Wild Dog? No Knight & Squire?

  5. Once again the CA comments section reaps unintended comedy gold. Can I nominate “adcenam” for Hater of the Week for accusing you of hating straight men?