Those of you who, like me, have Google Alerts set up for both “Batman” and “thematic erotica” are probably already aware that Axel Braun’s Batman XXX was not this year’s only adult Batman parody. Bluebird Films produced one of their own, and when they asked me if I’d be interested in a copy to review… well, come on. Of course I did. I’m Chris Sims.

That’s why today, I’ve got the Internet’s most comprehensive review of BATFXXX, the movie that dares to answer the question of what The Dark Knight would be like if there were cold just dongs everywhere. Everywhere.

While I was getting images for the review, there were a couple of animated gifs I couldn’t work into what I wrote, but just so they don’t go to waste, here’s another one:



It might not be the Batman porno we need… but it’s the Batman porno we deserve.

2 thoughts on “BATFXXX: The Porn Version of THE DARK KNIGHT

  1. The “Katwoman” gif looked markedly superior to the effects in the actual Catwoman movie (which actually isn’t all that difficult), and I doubt even this production could come up with anything as tasteless as Halle Berry becoming sexually aroused by ‘catnip’.