Ask Chris #46: What’s So Funny About Good Clean Fun?



This week in Ask Chris, a reader challenges me to recommend some comics that don’t have “offensive content,” and I respond with a list of good clean comics that even a grandma can enjoy. Assuming your grandma is into Uncle Scrooge, I mean. And why wouldn’t she be?

This was a weird one for me to write, given my opinions on what constitutes an “offensive” comic. Rise of Arsenal, for example, is something I find highly offensive, but it’s not because of the drug use or the erectile dysfunction, it’s because those are elements in a really, really, amazingly stupid story. But then again, there’s certainly stuff that turns me off just on principle; I stopped reading Jonah Hex because of all the wild west rape that was going on in that book, and if I never see someone in a DC comic have their arm violently ripped off again, it’ll be too soon. We all have our tastes.

But of course, my tastes are the best, and if you’d like to find out just what they are (as though ISB readers weren’t completely familiar already), then ask your own Comics Culture question by tagging it on Twitter with #AskChris or sending an email to comicsalliance at with [Ask Chris] in the subject line!

5 thoughts on “Ask Chris #46: What’s So Funny About Good Clean Fun?

  1. A very good list. I’d also add the late (and very lamented) Leave It To Chance, the Courtney Crumrin books, and (in the Marvel Adventures vein) Thor, The Mighty Avenger.

    Also Eye of Mongombo, but no one remembers it nor has the handful of copies that survived on this planet. (Oh, wait, scratch that — there’s a bit of full frontal nudity, and a lot of swear words from the author when the title didn’t win the Eisner that year.)

  2. “Shhh…shhh…it’s all right. Don’t worry. But look, I’m just gonna have to take this thing off, okay?”

  3. I don’t know if you were specifically excluding manga, but I would definitely add Yotsuba! to that list.