And We’re Back!

Yes, I know: It’s been slightly longer than the “couple of days” that I promised last week, but, well, “Raining Blood” is really hard, and to get the five-star rating I had to play it like eight ti–uh, I mean, the new computer was a little trickier to get set up than I originally thought.

Especially the solo.

But don’t worry! The Tower of Power is now up and running, and with the advanced computing power of the 21st century at my disposal, we can kick off Year Four for real this time. For now, programs have been reinstalled and wrangled, macros have been set up, and scanners have been purchased, but I won’t bore you with the details of my struggle with technology, because the important thing is…

Well, help me out here, Spidey.


(Click For Full-Panel Awesomeness)


Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Welcome back, everybody! Actual content–or a reasonable simulacrum thereof–resumes tomorrow.

37 thoughts on “And We’re Back!

  1. I still can’t help thinking that Spidey would be cooler if he was kicking villains in the face and coming home to MJ.

    Welcome back from the land of GH3… er, server interruptus!

  2. Am I correct in guessing you liked ASM 548?

    Yeah, I did. I thought the first month’s worth of “Brand New Day” was pretty good overall, actually, and beyond that, last week had some really great comics–Jack Staff Special was a lot of fun (as usual), the Order was great. Lots of good stuff.

  3. I read this, and instantly thought, “Man, that’s tailor made for The ISB.” I’m glad you two found each other.

  4. I was hoping for more of “Happy Ending”. Well, I guess I’ll settle for more new content. What’s going on in Tarot? My local comic shop won’t carry it because of something they call “aesthetic principles”.

  5. I think you had an insightful point about Brand New Day. What was missing on Spider-Man was good fun writing, any of this could have been done with married Peter. It’s not really something to throw a Hal Jordan fit over, but the powers that be needn’t act like the favorable reception is for the new status quo.

  6. Welcome back!

    I’m thinking about blogging about GHRB (Guitar Hero Rock Band) Syndrome, the new disease affecting comics bloggers everywhere. I myself am suffering from a case of having to learn the drums, with occasional trying to beat the vocals on expert.

    The Order was great, as always . . . but you’ve heard the terrible, unfair, “proves there is no God” news of it getting cancelled, yes?

  7. Even better, he’s delivering heels to the chin of guys carrying electric nunchuks!!

    Welcome back, Chris – does this new setup count as another #1 launch, thereby granting this screen collectable status? And how much of your old content gets retconned?


  8. Welcome back Chris.

    Nice to see Dan Slott is reciprocating your love for him in ASM – did you see the solicits for Immortal Iron Fist that said “When was the last time you had your face melted off by a comic? When was the last time you read IMMORTAL IRON FIST??” – everybody I know thought Marvel had finally seen sense and employed you as Publicist.

    cheers mate


  9. Can’t wait for The Week in Ink this thursday! (I don’t want Y:TLM to be over… but I do)

    Welcome back to your blog.

  10. Welcome home, Chris!

    Y’know, I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that Spidey’s line up there could easily be attributed to another Marvel legend – Joey Q.

    Only, it’s kicks to the READER’S face!!

    That’s some hot comic book satire, right there!

  11. is it bad that i thought that panel was created specifically for this blog? i almost uploaded the image myself in a means to bring you back to the intertoobs. a foot-n-face signal, if you will.

  12. Holy hell. That panel is practically pandering to you, Sims.

    It must feel good to realize you’ve basically singlehandedly changed comics for the good.

  13. Michael Aronson Says:
    I wish EVERYONE knew as much about JAPAN as I do. Have you guys ever even HEARD of Japan?

    Yeah, I’ve seen Drummania, but to be honest, rhythm games were never really my thing, with the exception of Space Channel 5. Man, I love Space Channel 5.

  14. Michael:

    Because as we all know, the joy behind GH/RB is not playing with friends, emulating the rock stars you love, or enjoying the quirky humor of the series and storylines… it’s about dick-measuring contests.

  15. I dreamed of a world where the self-proclaimed hardcore folks carried out their superiority in smug silence, rather than pissing in other people’s pools for no good reason other than egotistical self-gratification.

    Sadly, it was just a dream.

  16. We had those in our arcade, but the thing is, the arcade kind of frowns on you carrying their machines out the door.

  17. Chris:

    It saddens me that GH/RB are hailed as the most fun and innovative game experiences when they rip off a game concept that’s been around for nine years.


    Drummania can be played simultaneously with two Guitar Freaks players (friends, or enemies too, I suppose). But you’re right – they don’t have storylines, which is REALLY the MOST ESSENTIAL COMPONENT in every rhythm game.

  18. I am writing a report on Japan for my school and found this site doing a Google search. Can someone tell me if it’s true that in Japan, dogshit smells like cinnamon buns and tastes like sweet sweet candy?

  19. Well, Michael, I’m sorry to hear that I’ve brought you down. In the future, I’ll file all my plans for having fun with your secretary three weeks in advance.

  20. That is to say, I’ll file, with your secretary, my plans for having fun. Not that I’ll file my plans for having fun with your secretary.

    Some things oughtta remain private.

  21. Michael

    Just because Guitar Freaks it’s harder than GH doesn’t make it better. I played several of the freak games, and they’re good, but GH took the same premise and infused a sensibility (along with music) that appeals to a lot of people. With Freaks I never forgot I was playing a game. GH allows me to rock out.

    But anyways…how about them comics right? I hear they have pictures.

  22. Hector:

    I think GF doesn’t appeal to a lot of people simply because it doesn’t REACH a lot of people – that is, assuming you’re from an English-speaking country, the people of English-speaking countries.


    You have a good 500,000 spare boots?