Because Sometimes…

…you just need to see Conan headlock a tiger.



From The Savage Sword Of Conan v.6, which also includes a story where Conan has sex with a girl, then fights a bear, then the girl turns into a tiger, then Conan turns into a lion, then they fight, then Conan turns back into Conan, then the guy who turned him into a lion gets shot in the head, and then Conan cuts his head off and steals a statue and then thinks about how he’d like to have kids someday because things were different back then.

20 thoughts on “Because Sometimes…

  1. I’m glad you provided a plot synopsis, because my first instinct looking at this was that Conan and the tiger were running a little good cop/bad cop routine on someone.

  2. That picture is not what it appears to be at all. That’s just Conan continuing the seduction dance after she transformed into a tiger. It’s obvious, because she still has a head.

  3. That synopsis so accurately describes a weekend I had in May 1995 it’s spooky.

    Roy Thomas: psychic?

  4. I’ve been there, dude. First she turns into a tiger, next she’s calling and texting all the time so you can’t have an evening’s peace. Pretty soon you and the tiger are watching Sandra Bullock together, and you’re wearing J. Crew and wondering where it all went wrong.

  5. See, I was thinking that Conan was whispering to the tiger “Okay, you suplex me, but I’ll get my shoulder up before the three count.” Conan was always really bad about calling spots.