18 thoughts on “Because Sometimes You Just Need To See a Werewolf Throwing Down On a Bear With Silver Robot Claws

  1. I don’t think they were “on the verge.” They went ahead and made the reference, didn’t they? It’s in the last panel.

    “He’d never once set a forest fire.”

  2. I for one feel the reference was too subtle. The bear should be wearing a ranger hat.

  3. You know, I had a pretty crappy day. And it turns out that, yes, what I needed to see was, in fact, a werewolf throwing down on a bear with silver robot claws. That was EXACTLY what I needed to see.

    Thanks, Sims!

  4. LurkerWithout Says:

    Loved the modified wrestling terms. The perfect thing if Marvel were to bring back the UCWF and have Ursa Major join it…

    That would take my money. Plus, I heard Joey Styles reading the image tag commentary in my head.

  5. @ 10 & 13:

    Y’all sure that ain’t Frank Robbins and a terribly young Klaus Janson there?

  6. Joey Styles and Taz restarting UCWF in Marvel would be the greatest comic book ever written. Especially if the Sandman joins after getting “juiced” by the Power Broker…