Birthweek ’09: Day One


GI Joe #106, by Larry Hama and Mark Bright


This Wednesday (August 12, for those of you keeping score at home) is my birthday, and as is my custom, I’m taking the week off the daily grind of the ISB as a present to myself. But don’t worry, I’ll still be providing content with an old-fashioned Kick to the Face posted every day until I get back.

And of course there’ll be an additional post on Wednesday when the last chapter of Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. drops, and I might do one to commemorate the inexorable march of age. So please, enjoy the violence and don’t break anything while I’m gone.

16 thoughts on “Birthweek ’09: Day One

  1. When you find the Batmobile parked in the driveway on Wednesday morning, remember to act surprised.

  2. What not even a trunctuated Week in Ink consisting of a Best of the Week/And Just For My Birthday review?

    Of course I’m not sure what is really awesome enough in this weeks releases to fit that. I mean my birthday coincided with the Wednesday release of Scott Pilgrim vol. 5, so its hard to see how you could get that lucky…

  3. Happy birthday, Sims. Just dont be surprised if you come back and ive picked to lock on the liquor cabinet.

  4. Happy Birthday Chris, and thanks for the ace blog. By a weird coincidence, this Wednesday is my birthday as well, so I’ll have a pint for you in the course of my celebrations.

  5. G. I. Joe #106 is just two issues shy of my favorite G. I. Joe issue ever. Which means…pretty close to my favorite comic ever.

    (Or, maybe more accurately, my favorite action scene in a comic. The one where Snake Eyes parachutes out of a stealth bomber and then kills a whole apartment room full of soldiers. Because he’s in a ninja trance and thus unstoppable.)

    Oh, and happy birthday. May all your future years be as filled with tossed engine blocks as the ones which proceeded it.

  6. That “crackle” there was one of the earliest warning signs that Storm Shadow would soon undergo career-altering microfracture surgery on his left knee. He was never the same after that.