8 thoughts on “Comedic Theory With The Black Angel

  1. Green Hell? I would assume “Skulls” would be better.

    I concur with Mr. Sims assessment, Gloria.

    – The “other” Jon

  2. You need to understand: Black Angel was obscure, even by Golden Age standards.

    And now you know why.

  3. Looks like she’s pulling a ‘boner’ of her own.

    Don’t press submit. DON’T PRESS SUBMIT!


  4. That link of Danzig’s shirtless book reccomendations led me to this, which I think is the greatest mash up in the history of ever:


    Also, Danzing’s grocery list, which is itself pretty great:


    I find the humor potential of Danzing singing things that are out of character for him exponentially great, though, so your milage may vary.