Decision ’80: The Race Heats Up

Your Spidey Super Stories Moment of Joy for this week:







Is there any conceivable reason why we have never gotten
J. Jonah Jameson Super Stories?


Spider-Man’s run for President against the Jester is chronicled in Spidey Super Stories #49, which also includes Hawkeye AND the Rocket Racer, and is therefore a comedy goldmine.

22 thoughts on “Decision ’80: The Race Heats Up

  1. “God, this would have been the best Hostess Fruit Pie ad ever.”

    haha, hilarious, and it so would be

  2. I think that JJJ is on to something there… what if instead of checking off a box we got to vote by vandalizing a photo of the person we did NOT want elected? I bet voter turnout would be higher.

  3. “When I’m president, I will take all the tax money to buy myself treats!”

    Isn’t this pretty much the essence of every political slogan since the dawn of electoral government?

  4. No, no, no… It’s a terrible slogan.

    It is, however, the essence of every single political platform in history.

  5. I had all of these. I didn’t clean up my room one day. Now I have none of them.

    There’s your lesson for the day. I’m going to cry now.

  6. God, this would have been the best Hostess Fruit Pie ad ever.

    Hostessgate will live on in infamy in the hearts of Americans forever…

  7. The Jester’s a Democrat, isn’t he?

    Because every election cycle, Ohio Republicans tell us that the Democrats, if they ever take over state government again, will totally raise our taxes, and use the money to buy themselves treats. If we re-elect the Republicans, however, they will make sure we get to keep more of our own money, to buy ourselves treats with.

    I’ve made up my mind…I’m voting the straight Spiderpublican ticket this fall!

    By the way, what the hell are they running for? Mayor of New York? FOOM presidency? What?

  8. And also, I’m totally voting for Jonah. Not only is his picture absolutely perfect, it’s also twice as big as the other candidates’. Just to show who’s really important– the newspaper editor or the presidential candidates.

    Clearly the best candidate for the job.