5 thoughts on “Five Heroes Who Used Their Powers For Sex

  1. I was laughing up until I got to the Pyms. Goddammit, Sims, I worked really hard to forget that page.

    Seriously, though, that Superman bit was hilarious. Also kind of weird (par for the course, I know, it’s the Silver Age), but hilarious.

  2. You just know that Pym must have had a giantess fetish, but shrunk himself down instead.

  3. This is why it pays to ignore Hank Pym entirely (well, okay, I liked Slott’s Mighty Avengers, which is all about why I should care about him, but it also features Eternity punching him square in the face).

  4. Starfox is my all-time least favourite comics character, though Hank Pym is well up on that list (seriously, what did Janet ever see in him?). Of all these, the Plastic Man episode seems most in character (you’ve got to admit, it takes moxie to try a stunt like that on Barda, of all people). The Superman stuff was just more Silver Age superdickery, but I can’t get annoyed because I hate Lois as well…