Friday Night Fights: I Myself Dabbled In Pacifism Once…






If violence isn’t the answer, you’re asking the wrong question.

Right, Bahlactus?


Doc Samson’s greatest suckerpunch can be found in The Incredible Hulk #314, which opens with the Hulk backhanding a deer, thus making it one of the greatest comics of all time.

12 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: I Myself Dabbled In Pacifism Once…

  1. I was going to call it unsportsmanlike — but the Hulk backhanded a deer?

    Len shoulda kicked Hulk in the balls.

    (And then run like Hell…)

  2. I can say, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that this is my single favorite punch in comics history. Say what you will about Byrne, but those few issues of the Hulk he did were pretty much cover to cover brawls.

  3. This suckerpunch paled into insignificance next to Doc Samson telling ol’ Jadejaws to walk backwards slowly while Thunderbolt Ross crouched behind the Hulk…

  4. He backhanded a deer? Post that panel, and you and Beaucoup Kevin will have to meet as sworn enemies on the moors at sunrise.

  5. He not only backhanded a deer, but snapped its neck like the proverbial twig in the process of the backhanding.

    In the middle of that story there was a pretty wacky Byrne/Buscema Annual, too, with a giant fat guy.

  6. I think we know the ending to World War Hulk now.

    Bambi comes back. Hulk is inspired by its peaceful majesty.

    Bambie sucker punches Hulk. Hulk’s alien buddies will now have nothing to do with him.

    World War Hulk over.

  7. That issue was kind of a rip in that the cover led me to believe there was this huge supervillain conglomerate vs. the hulk and it turns out they were all in his head. Bah I say.

    Let me also say is I always get a kick out of owning the issue you discuss here.

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