Friday Night Fights: Pistolwhip’d!

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Not bad for a guy codenamed “Tulip,” is it?


Minder Three takes out the assassins in the pages of Greg Rucka and Steve Rolston’s Queen & Country #3, but more excitement and the most thrilling espionage in comics can be found in the new Queen & Country Definitive Edition v.1, which is seriously awesome.

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: Pistolwhip’d!

  1. Bless you for pimping Queen & Country. More people need to be made aware of the awesome violence and espionage that goes on inside of it.

  2. If anyone doesn’t know, Q&C (which is far and away my favorite Greg Rucka work) is inspired by a British spy TV show from the ’80’s called The Sandbaggers. If Q&C is at all your thing, you should pick up Sandbaggers immediately. Outstanding stuff.

  3. I dunno…Tulip O’Hare from PREACHER was pretty badass….I would never judge a character by their name.

  4. Seconding what Tim says; this is Rucka’s best sustained work. And if you enjoyed Sandbaggers, then take a look at this.

    James Bond — what a Nancy.