Golden Age Batman’s Weirdest Moments



Today on ComicsAlliance, I’m preparing for this week’s release of The Batman Chronicles v.9 by taking a look back at some of Batman’s strangest Golden Age adventures. Sure, he might’ve fought vampires and carried a gun for like three issues, but by the end of that first year, it was pretty much all cat-wrestling and trips to Storybook Land.

Just another reason why Batman is all bat-things to all bat-people.

12 thoughts on “Golden Age Batman’s Weirdest Moments

  1. Do you also write the third-person intros to the articles? You know, the “Here’s a thing and Chris Sims is going to talk about it” parts. I always assumed they were written by the editor, but the intro to this one feels like straight up classic Sims.

  2. The best thing about this article is it is still leaves a huge swathe of Bat-crazyness untouched. Wait until they get to the 50’s….

    The picture in this post though is classic. We knew Bats had issues, but DAMN.

    Also: RUN RUN!

  3. I’ll have you know, sir, that during his youthful travels, Batman studied broken-field running under the world’s greatest masters, including: Earl “Curly” Lambeau; Red “The Galloping Ghost” Grange; and Jim Thorpe.

  4. “The Ugliest Man in the World, whose diabolical plot to rob Gotham City’s socialites of their beauty with a chemical injection was thwarted when Batman was able to invent a cure for ugly.”

    Batman invented tequila?

  5. The football gag might have been so frequent because most comics were copying Superman, which itself was copying the football scene from the Gladiator novel.

    And that shit needs to go back in style YESTERDAY

  6. Tinkling sound. Whizzing through the window. Golden age.

    It’s all just one big pee joke isn’t it? ISN’T IT?!

  7. “Bring those rocket rollerskates we developed.”
    “Are you kidding? You couldn’t get these off me with a fucking crowbar!”