22 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. Ah, Gary. Hero of my youth. I wasn’t lucky enough to meet him, but I did share a few e-mails and message board conversations with him. Came across as a very nice guy.

  2. Even if you’ve never played D&D, but you’ve played something with levels, classes, and/or hit points, you owe a debt of gratitude to Gygax. Personally, I can’t imagine what my life would be without him. And I never even met the man.

  3. Gary finally rolled a natural 1 on his fortitude test and bowed out at level 69. Here’s to many many fun filled hours in my youth and not-so-youth.


  4. This is why I always liked Betty better.

    Enjoy yourself on Mt. Celestia, Mr. Gygax.

  5. Could Veronica be more of a jackass?
    After her Daddy loses the family fortune in the sub-prime mortgage mess, I can totally see her in 10 years handing out Jack Chick tracks in parking lots.

  6. Okay, I have to admit it’s been more than a few years since I played D&D, but did anyone actually wear a wizard hat with stars and moons on it? Ever?

    Seriously, I am done with Veronica. When she finally goes to college, reads a book on Marx, rejects Mr. Lodge’s bourgeois materialism, becomes a Freegan, and ends up hooked on smack and living with her pimp, I’ll do nothing but laugh.

    RIP, Gary. You made growing up a geek a lot more fun.

  7. Looks like someone needs a whuppin’ from Marvex the Super-Robot.

    RIP Gary. You will be missed.

  8. I’m sorry, the comic that tried to sell us on the trendiness of Speed Stacks suddenly has the merit to tell us how much D&D sucks? Really now.

  9. If Veronica wasn’t yelling so loud, she might notice (and thus avoid) the oncoming threat that has terrified her companion.

    That split-second awareness could have saved her from a runaway bus, or Anita Blake’s thighs.

  10. I never played D&D and I always wanted to. I have played too many other RPGs too not know how important he is. He left his mark on the Earth.

    Also I am sure he died happy knowning he was on the Simpsons.

  11. Gary was never on the Simpsons

    He was on Futurama!

    Here take my +1 mace
    I’m (rolls dice) glad to meet you

  12. Does anyone else find it sinister and disturbing that a group of young men have seemingly forced Veronica into wearing clothes she doesn’t want to wear, are smiling at her and calling her by a nickname, as she cries loudly? While wearing phallic hats and holding rods?

    Ok, but seriously: Gary will definitely be missed. I’m kicking myself in the face for not having met him when I had the chance, at a convention I went to a few years ago (to be fair, the line was huge, and my hours at said convention very limited…nope, no, that still doesn’t mesh).

  13. Mitch Benn sang a romantic song inspired by Gygax’s achievements on BBC Radio Four’s “Now Show” tonight. Listen again should be available…

  14. I never had the opportunity to meet Gary Gygax, but I have been playing the game he co-created for nearly 30 years now. I was a D&D player even before I was a comic book fan, and that is saying something.

    So long Gary, you will be missed.

  15. Does anyone else thinks “get a life” is the most trite, cliché, annoying and meaningless of movie quotes ever?