The ComicsAlliance Roundtable: Avengers #1



This week, the ComicsAlliance roundtable tackles one of the biggest titles of the week: Brian Bendis and John Romita Jr.’s Avengers #1!

There are a ton of spoilers, so if you want the short version, I really didn’t care for it, but there were good bits and it’s a pretty book. If you’ve already read it (and let’s be real here, you probably have), then head on over and witness five of us ganging up on David Uzumeri, with me in particular calling him a big ol dummy! Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “The ComicsAlliance Roundtable: Avengers #1

  1. Loved it. I acknowledge you make some good points, but I loved it anyways. And that may directly relate to the fact that the last “Avengers #1”- the one from ’98, by Busiek and Perez- was the first comic I read as a kid where I said afterward, “I need to go buy the next issue”. That comic started me as a real comic fan.

    And looking back, it was a hell of a lot more indecipherable than this issue.

  2. Oh god the entire Seaguy take down of Uzumeri had me in stitches, best ending to any of your roundtable reviews

    “I read this comic for my job, not for my own enjoyment. There was part of me that was hoping it would be the Big Turnaround, but if it wasn’t my actual job, I would’ve passed anyway.”
    Laura should totally make you read Avengers every month as a cruel joke ;)

  3. I liked it okay, more than a lot of other number 1s I’ve been buying lately in the annual parade, but it was what you said it was. I liked it and Siege #4 better than what I’ve read of New Avengers or Secret Invasion (which I did enjoy a lot, but mainly because I was following Abhay’s series on it at Savage Critic).