The Mellow Jazz of the Daily Planet

As you probably noticed if you wandered into a comic book store today, the new stuff doesn’t actually come in until tomorrow, which means that the normal Thursday night reviews aren’t exactly forthcoming tonight.

Instead, and you’ll pardon me if this is a little self-indulgent, but why don’t we take a look at another album from my prodigious collection of vintage vinyl?



Ah yes. Who can forget that magical summer when a budding cub reporter took some time off to record the soulful songs that would rock the charts and capture the spirit of a generation, with hits like “Small-Time Kandor,” “My Blues,” “Watchin’ All The Signals,” and of course, the peppy dance tune “Chief!”

Which track was your favorite?

21 thoughts on “The Mellow Jazz of the Daily Planet

  1. You can talk to me about this record when you get your hands on a copy of the South Korean two-pack with the original US release. Jimmy Olsen’s phonetic Korean version of “Lucy (Rhapsody For A Stewardess)” slays me every time.

  2. I’m partial to “I Was Nightwing (When Nightwing Wasn’t Cool),” although it’s possible I’m just thinking of “Small-Time Kandor” and never knew the correct title.

  3. Clearly I *am* just thinking of “Small-Time Kandor,” since Jimmy was, of course, Flamebird. And I don’t think Flamebird has gotten cool yet.

  4. Personally, my favorite track is “Pulled in All Directions (By the Ladies of the Legion)”. Pure musical gold.

  5. I like his cover of the little known Lois Lane/PatBoone number “Sing a Song of Superman.” I’ve never understood why that song didn’t become a hit. It’s like someone deliberately prevented it using super-powers.

  6. My friends tell me I’m so gay for liking “Like hand and glove”, but it’s just such a beautiful song.
    I never knew who sang the second voice though.

  7. Darn, I was just thinking of “Zee, zee, zee..” myself. I thought everyone had forgotten about it. Little known fact, James covered it again later, with vocals… although they were a little gimmicky, they kind of stick in my head. I think it ended up on the B side of some Shatner single…

    It ain’t eaaaazee, zee, zee
    Being me me me
    Though I’m an everyday herooooo
    Supes makes me feel layzee, zee, zee

  8. I always thought the fanbase was too harsh on “Kryptonite Ain’t Forever” but, hey, I’m a sucker for covers/homages that actually go for a completely different sound–and that cover art always blinds me to the technical faults of the album as a whole. Oh, Jimmy Olsen, you tiger you.

  9. I heard this one concert bootleg of his where he did this really heartfelt rendition of “Second with the ladies (but first with Superman)”

  10. But don’t forget about the secret bonus track, “Superman taught me another lesson (Will I ever learn?)”

  11. The bootleg from his famous gig in Gotham at the Finger Club was freakin’ sweet. I found it in a Bludhaven record shop back in ’89. That gig was during Jimmy’s addiction to Velocity Nine, so he sang a few songs too fast, but when he slowed down, damn, he could still work it.

    That night he gave the best renditions he ever managed of “Man of Tomorrow, I’m Your Boy Tonight,” “Gorilla Wife,” and “Mister Action Means Satisfaction.”

    White boy got soul.

  12. I noticed they’ve got a karaoke version of “Mister Action Means Satisfaction” in the iTunes store.

    Truly, culture in this country is dead.

  13. To me, the quintessential Olsen track will always be “Knockin’ on the Source Wall”. Though Strawberry Fields Forever People is something I listen to almost daily.

  14. I’m partial to “Super Duper, Darling”, and “Talk Viking to Me (Unless You’re A Robot)”.