The Week In Links

Sounds like a breakfast restaurant specializing in tasty sausages, doesn’t it? Either way, I wanted my Skyrim review to have a chance here on the main page before it got pushed down by all this, but now, this week’s things I wrote elsewhere:



In this week’s Ask Chris Valentine’s Day Special, I break down a truly insane plan for conning women into bed, as posited by supreme douchebag Mystery, and see how it would fare in Gotham City.

Also on the romance tip, remember those Valentines you used to exchange back in elementary school? I’ve reviewed this year’s crop to show you which store-bought Valentines are the best at expressing your love — and surprising everyone, the Batman ones are totally awful.

Hey, remember that time Superman almost made a porno movie with Big Barda? Because I do. And I have written some jokes about it, perfect for your Valentine’s weekend reading enjoyment.

Moving away from Romance, I interviewed Order of the Stick‘s Rich Burlew about his monumental success raising over half a million dollars to reprint his webcomics. Nice fellow, great comic, well worth it.

And finally, back on Monday, Japanese Spider-Man battled against a cat demon monster named Cat Demon Monster. It’s pretty awesome.

Plus, I’ve been doing a daily series on truly insane romance comics that’s running until the 14th. This week’s entries involved the heartbreak of glasses, a girl falling in love with her dentist, a man who can’t pronounce “menu,” and the 100% factual story of how English Majors are way more sexually desirable than what we call “normals.”


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