War Rocket Ajax #20: Love and Capes With Thom Zahler!



That’s right, folks: After a solid month of snow-induced absence, the World’s Most Destructive Podcast is back with an all-new installment where we sit down with Love and Capes creator Thom Zahler for what was originally supposed to be our Valentine’s Day show! But don’t worry, we don’t let a an extreme delay and a truly amazing amount of technical difficulties stop us, as we chat about wedding specials, character development, and my deep and abiding hatred of Aaron Sorkin!

Plus, the Third Chair is filled by the English Dynamo himself, as Solomon Stone artist Matthew Allen Smith joins us to provide his own unique brand of relentless cheer! We tackle the (literal) heights of my collaborators, debate the merits of Kick Ass, and delve into my difficulties having hot lesbian sex in space.

As mentioned earlier, we had a lot of technical difficulties–I ended up switching microphones like three times and for some reason we could not get a good connection going–but we had a lot of fun, and I’m glad to be back at it. So head over to WarRocketAjax.com to download or stream the new episode,or catch the iTunes feed later tonight!

War Rocket Ajax #19: Gorgo A-GoGo With Mike McGee and Tamas Jakab!



It’s a lucha-rules tag team spectacular on this week’s War Rocket Ajax when Euge and I–and special returning Third Chair Rusty Shackles–sit down with Mike McGee and Tamas Jakab, the creators of El Gorgo, the World’s Most Awesome Comics Magazine! You’ll hear us discuss our mutual love of El Santo and the Blue Demon, talk about the perils of cutting an epic story down to a single issue, and debate the merits of mullet vs. skullet.

Also on today’s show, you’ll hear our memories of Conan O’Brien’s late, lamented Tonight Show, a discussion of the War Rocket Ajax TV Tropes page, and get another one of my increasingly bizarre high school memories! Plus comics reviews, another round of Big Ups to All My Haters, and your listener mail answered by the Ajax Crew!

Oh, and the announcement about how I quit my job.

The iTunes feed won’t be updated until tomorrow due to some technical difficulties, but you can stream or download it from WarRocketAjax.com right now! Enjoy it, and keep those letters, reviews and comments on the site coming!

War Rocket Ajax #18: Ajax 4 Kidz with Max Huffman!



This week on War Rocket Ajax, Euge and I reach out to the Youth of America with Ajax… 4 Kidz!! Specifically, we’re reaching out to teenage webcomic creator Max Huffman about what it’s like to grow up with webcomics, algebra class, and my own never-before-revealed secret Internet past!

Also in this week’s show, in keeping with our theme, I offer up recommendations for two great kids’ comics, Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade and Chris Giarrusso’s Mini Marvels Ultimate Collection, and Euge and I talk about two recent stand-up comedy releases, Paul F. Tompkins’ Freak Wharf and Aziz Ansari’s Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening. Plus, in things that I can’t link to Amazon for, we become the unintentional spokesmen for Southern Living (the concept, not the magazine), remind listeners about our Hater Contest, and I take a moment to address my Kevin Smith-based haters from last week. All in all, it’s another 90 minutes of far-out fun, and you can listen on the site or download it right now!

War Rocket Ajax #17: Back For 2010 with Bryan Lee O’Malley!



Sound that reggaeton air-horn, folks: War Rocket Ajax is back for 2010 for 98 minutes of the Internet’s Greatest Comics Podcast! This week, we shake off the rust and kick the year off right when we sit down with Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley!

Head over to stream or download the episode today and you’ll hear us talk about Euge’s sensitivities, the relatability of Kim Pine, and–yes, as our listeners demanded–Scott Pilgrim movie star Michael Cera. And as a special bonus, you’ll hear not only the absolute worst question I’ve ever asked, but O’Malley’s infinitely appropriate response.

Plus, you’ll hear: an all-new track for 2010 from rapper/cohost Eugene Ahn! A story of my experiences at Myrtle Beach’s MagiQuest! Reviews of Love and Capes and Detroit Metal City! Listener mail! An all-new hater anthem for 2010! And more!

I think it’s a pretty strong show to come back from a break with, and hopefully you guys feel the same!

The War Rocket Ajax War On Christmas Special!



String up the lights and light up the tree, it’s the first annual War Rocket Ajax Christmas Party!

That’s right, Euge and I have donned our Christmas sweaters and invited our guests back to share in our Holiday cheer, and as you can see from the poster above–done up, of course, by the inimitable Rusty Shackles–the end result is a jam-packed two hour Christmas special the likes of which the comics internet has never seen!

Head over to WarRocketAjax.com today to download, stream or subscrbe via iTunes, and you’ll hear Christmas memories from Tom Peyer, Jeff Parker, and Matt Wilson! Songs from Matt Fraction, Matt Sturges and Chris Roberson, Colleen Coover, Laura Hudson and Douglas Wolk, and Evie & Aaron from Awesomed By Comics! Historic facts from Benito Cereno and Jess Nevins! Smooth radio voices and childhood trauma from Matthew Allen Smith and Rusty Shackles! Me and Euge opening our actual presents to each other live on the show! Zeppelins! Time machines! Bears! A studio audience!

There’s all that and more, and I honestly don’t think it’s a stretch to say that there hasn’t been anything like this before on the Comics Internet. So please enjoy it, and have a Merry Christmas from the crew of War Rocket Ajax! We’ll be back in 2010!

War Rocket Ajax #16: In the Core Marvel Universe With Rick Remender!


Picture by Dave Land on Flickr


This week on War Rocket Ajax, we close out the year with a two-hour spectacular with the man behind “Franken-Castle” himself, Rick Remender! You’ll hear us talk about why the Punisher doesn’t go to space more often, the triumphs and tragedies of DIY comics, and what really was too much for the Core Marvel Universe!

Plus Euge and I offer up a holiday drink recipe, discuss the perils of reading Twilight as a bitter old man, offer up a special Christmas Miracle edition of Big Ups to All My Haters, and–at the request of a listener–dredge up painful memories of our own real-life hater experiences!

This is our last proper show of 2009, and it’s a fun one, but next week, we’ll be back for our last installment of the year: The War Rocket Ajax War On Christmas Party! Stay tuned to WarRocketAjax.com for updates, and get your presents ready for next week!

War Rocket Ajax #15: Historically Speaking with Cherie Priest



War Rocket Ajax returns from our Thanksgiving hiatus with a new episode where Euge and I chat with author and comics fan Cherie Priest! During our interview, we talk about her latest novel, Boneshaker, why there shouldn’t be rules in steampunk, and the very fine line that separates urban exploration from felony B&E.

Also, some of you might’ve noticed that this is the first episode since the first one that doesn’t have art by the inimitable Rusty Shackles, and at the top of this week’s show, I’ve got a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT explaining why!

Plus we’ve got comics reviews for that dark week where I took Thanksgiving off, a response to another piece of listener mail, and another installment of the Internet’s #1 Hater Forum that I find inordinately amusing!

So head over to WarRocketAjax.com to give it a listen, or catch it on iTunes tonight!