War Rocket Ajax #17: Back For 2010 with Bryan Lee O’Malley!



Sound that reggaeton air-horn, folks: War Rocket Ajax is back for 2010 for 98 minutes of the Internet’s Greatest Comics Podcast! This week, we shake off the rust and kick the year off right when we sit down with Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley!

Head over to stream or download the episode today and you’ll hear us talk about Euge’s sensitivities, the relatability of Kim Pine, and–yes, as our listeners demanded–Scott Pilgrim movie star Michael Cera. And as a special bonus, you’ll hear not only the absolute worst question I’ve ever asked, but O’Malley’s infinitely appropriate response.

Plus, you’ll hear: an all-new track for 2010 from rapper/cohost Eugene Ahn! A story of my experiences at Myrtle Beach’s MagiQuest! Reviews of Love and Capes and Detroit Metal City! Listener mail! An all-new hater anthem for 2010! And more!

I think it’s a pretty strong show to come back from a break with, and hopefully you guys feel the same!

4 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #17: Back For 2010 with Bryan Lee O’Malley!

  1. Wow. War Rocket Ajax is getting such good guests. Chris Sims is really carving out his place in comicbook fandom.