War Rocket Ajax #7: Peace Rocket Ajax with Benito Cereno!



War Rocket Ajax zooms into its seventh spine-chilling episode as we sit down with Benito Cereno for a spoooooky chat about Hector Plasm, Tales From The Bully Pulpit and his upcoming run on the all new Tick ongoing series with artist Les McClaine! Plus, we get the inside story of his fake-feud gone wrong with former Ajax guest Matt Fraction and finally answer the question of just when was Deathlok created. And believe me, it’s an answer that might surprise you.

All that, plus comics reviews that originally included a twenty-minute discussion of A Lonely Place Of Dying when Eugene and I are joined in the third chair by the internet’s own Kevin Church, who brings us a controversial installment of Big Ups to All My Haters that earns our iTunes “Explicit” tag about eight times over in an Ajaxtravaganza that stands as our biggest episode yet!

And well it should be, because this one finishes out the first section of the podcast with a bang. But don’t worry, we’ll be back next week with a show jam-packed with special guests that includes the first on-mic appearance of Rusty Shackles! Are you ready for War Rocket Ajax: Championship Edition?!

War Rocket Ajax #6: The Hard Questions with Laura Hudson



The most destructive comic book podcast in the universe slams into its sixth scintillating episode as Euge and I sit down with Laura Hudson, the former editor of Comic Foundry and current lead blogger of ComicsAlliance to talk about her life in the industry, the strangeness of getting voicemails from Nic Cage and Jenna Jameson, and what it’s like to call out fans and retailers when they act like jerks.

But that’s not what makes this the sexiest episode of Ajax yet! No, that happens when Euge and I are joined by our pal Matt Wilson, putting the Ajax Triple-Play™ in effect for a twenty-minute discussion of Marvel’s mid-90s swimsuit issues! And yes: we discuss Dr. Strange’s banana hammock.

And there’s more! You’ll hear about our rap battles with the Awesomed By Comics crew, who responded to Euge’s dynamic debut track with a rap of their own that opens up their latest episode! Plus, more talk about Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham’s run on Fantastic Four, my final thoughts on Ultimate Alliance 2 and why the first one remains superior, and another incredible piece of art from Rusty Shackles!

The show’s up now on WarRocketAjax.com to stream or download, and if you’re subscribed via iTunes, it should be up there tonight. So listen, enjoy, and if you like it, write us a review at the iTunes store to help get the word out!

War Rocket Ajax #5: The Awesome Approach with Jeff Parker



The world’s most destructive comic book podcast roars into its fearsome fifth episode as Eugene and I talk to Jeff Parker about what goes into making comics awesome! (HINT: MODOK, gorillas, and Truman Capote.)

As you might expect, we spend a lot of time talking to Parker about the greatest story of all time, but we also have news about the upcoming Mysterius the Unfathomable hardcover, a brief appearance by a Special Guest who may or may not be drawing the upcoming Image comic Underground, and the Ajax-Exclusive inside story of Age of the Sentry’s connection to America’s #1 American, Stephen Colbert.

Also, I give my reaction to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (which I imagine I’ll have a bit more to say about next week), Eugene and I bicker over the quality of Kick Ass, and we get the ultimate answer to our New Jack Swing question!

So head over to War Rocket Ajax to download or stream the episode and catch a glimpse of Rusty’s awesome art for this week’s show, and if you haven’t already, check us out in the iTunes store as well.

And while we’re on the subject of my shameless self promotion, I’ve got a new article up on Heavy where I offer up Hova and Ye’s most boastful lyrics in a list of The Ten Most Over-The-Top Brag Rhymes in Hip-Hop History! Enjoy it!

War Rocket Ajax #4: All Ages with Colleen Coover



After our break for Labor Day, War Rocket Ajax is back with Episode 4, featuring a conversation with one of my favorite artists, Colleen Coover, who talks to us about what it’s like to go from her creator-owned “girly porno comic” Small Favors to the all-ages fun of Banana Sunday to drawing Spider-Man and the X-Men for Marvel!

And if that’s not enough, we’ve also got Matt “King Oblivion, PhD” Wilson of The International Society of Super-Villains joining us for the rest of the show, which mostly centered around us discussing Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3, plus your weekly recommended allowance of Batman, Achewood, and a special double-shot of Big Ups To All My Haters!

Thanks again to Colleen and Matt, and of course to Rusty Shackles, who outdid himself with this week’s Tabletop Fighter screen. So even if you’re subscribed via iTunes, head over there to check it out, and join us next week for Episode 5!

War Rocket Ajax #3: In the Details with Jess Nevins



On this week’s episode of the world’s most destructive podcast, Euge and I sit down with librarian, comic book annotator and Six-Gun Gorilla expert Jess Nevins for a conversation about the fun you can have with the details of comics!

Or at least, that was what we thought we’d talk about. As per usual, the conversation got away from us, but Jess is so entertaining that we’re probably better off than if it hadn’t. It’ll be obvious if you listen to the podcast, but I’m a big fan of Jess’s work: his annotations for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are fantastic and fun to read (and in the case of Black Dossier, pretty much necessary) and his thorough index of Marvel’s Golden Age hipped me to both the Armless Tiger Man and, with the help of my pal Scott, Chauncey Throttlebottom III, the Vagabond. But even if you’ve never heard of the guy, he’s phenomenally entertaining to talk to, and we’ve got him discussing what it’s like to write an encyclopedia, the price of Internet Fame, and his strangest conversation with Alan Moore.

Plus, I discuss Batman: Arkham Asylum (surprisingly, I’m very positive), Euge and I talk about Jonathan Hickman’s first issue of Fantastic Four, we devote even more time to Chris Onstad’s Achewood, plus another installment of Big Ups To All My Haters!

Ajax is available on iTunes, but even if you’re subscribed, head over to the site to check out Rusty’s tabletop fighter versions of Jess and–if you didn’t see ’em last week–Caitlin Kittredge, Euge and me. Enjoy!

War Rocket Ajax #2: A Dialogue With Caitlin Kittredge



The senses-shattering second episode of War Rocket Ajax is available now for your listening pleasure!

For our second episode, Euge and I were happy to welcome author and comics fan Caitlin Kittredge for a discussion about dialogue. With seven novels under her belt and more on the way, Caitlin’s no stranger to writing memorable dialogue herself, and on this week’s episode, we talk to her about our favorite lines, take listener questions from Twitter, and discuss the many ways in which being a successful young fantasy novelist is exactly like posting pictures of Dan Hibiki on the Internet.

Plus, Euge and I discuss the twists and turns of Chris Onstad’s Achewood, look back at Ed Brubaker’s run on Daredevil, and bring you another installment of Big Ups to All My Haters! It all comes in at a (relatively) trim 63 minutes, which means that we sadly had to cut out Caitlin and I talking about GI Joe, but believe me: When two people who share a deep love of Destro talk about for twenty minutes, it is radio magic.

You can now subscribe to War Rocket Ajax on iTunes, but head to the site to see an exclusive piece of art from Rusty Shackles that I guarantee you won’t want to miss!

War Rocket Ajax #1: First Issues With Matt Fraction



War Rocket Ajax launches today with Episode 001, clocking in at 73 minutes of eardrum-devastating fun!

The theme of our first episode is, naturally, First Issues, and if you head over to WarRocketAjax.com today, you’ll hear Euge and I talking about the first comics we ever got, Matt Fraction telling us what it’s like to write a first issue, and all three of us talking about the #1s that made an impact on us as readers.

And that’s not all: Our first episode also includes a harrowing tale of the supernatural from Eugene, Fraction’s reaction to the fans that are entitled to the point of psychosis, my ill-advised revelation of what I’d do if I was given the job of writing Batman, and answers to the burning questions of if and when we’re going to see more of Casanova and the greatest comic book ever printed, Mantooth! Plus, we’ve got my reaction to the Batman: Arkham Asylum demo, and a tribute to my readership inspired by the music of Shawty Lo. Yes, really.

We haven’t quite made it to the iTunes store yet (though that’s coming within a few days), but the full show’s available to download and stream right now! So get over there and dispatch War Rocket Ajax to your listening device of choice!