War Rocket Ajax #6: The Hard Questions with Laura Hudson



The most destructive comic book podcast in the universe slams into its sixth scintillating episode as Euge and I sit down with Laura Hudson, the former editor of Comic Foundry and current lead blogger of ComicsAlliance to talk about her life in the industry, the strangeness of getting voicemails from Nic Cage and Jenna Jameson, and what it’s like to call out fans and retailers when they act like jerks.

But that’s not what makes this the sexiest episode of Ajax yet! No, that happens when Euge and I are joined by our pal Matt Wilson, putting the Ajax Triple-Play™ in effect for a twenty-minute discussion of Marvel’s mid-90s swimsuit issues! And yes: we discuss Dr. Strange’s banana hammock.

And there’s more! You’ll hear about our rap battles with the Awesomed By Comics crew, who responded to Euge’s dynamic debut track with a rap of their own that opens up their latest episode! Plus, more talk about Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham’s run on Fantastic Four, my final thoughts on Ultimate Alliance 2 and why the first one remains superior, and another incredible piece of art from Rusty Shackles!

The show’s up now on WarRocketAjax.com to stream or download, and if you’re subscribed via iTunes, it should be up there tonight. So listen, enjoy, and if you like it, write us a review at the iTunes store to help get the word out!

6 thoughts on “War Rocket Ajax #6: The Hard Questions with Laura Hudson

  1. my final thoughts on Ultimate Alliance 2 and why the first one remains superior

    I think I will have to download it just for this, because I’m curious what you think of the game.

    Though I will give the MUA2 writers credit for actually fixing Civil War into a half-decent plot instead of the garbage it wound up being in actual continuity… can we swap MUA reality into the 616?

  2. That was crazy. Strange swings a lotta pipe, but who needs the physical when you can rock with your astral wang out? And you know what, I’d be more than willing to hear you guys talk about talk about other standouts of these incredibly silly 90s artifacts.

  3. I might have argued in favor of MUA2 before it glitched up on me tonight. On the second play through, but still.

  4. As much as I’m looking forward to hearing a discussion about those swimsuit issues, I just wanted to say how blown away I am by Rusty’s artwork each week. Holy CROW!