Movie Fighters Episode 4: Tekken (And Movie Fighters Volume 1!)


This week, Movie Fighters is back as Matt and I take on 2010’s Tekken, a movie we’d never heard of based on a game that I’ve never played. Surprising absolutely no one, it is absolutely terrible, but what’s even weirder is that it feels like a synthesis of every movie we’ve watched, going back to the ComicsAlliance days — and you can hear us explain exactly why, for one thin dollar.

Plus, there’s a special bonus today! If, for some reason, you haven’t jumped on the Movie Fighters train, we’ve put our first four episodes together in an album so that you can grab ’em all at once, along with an all-new extra! If you’d like to hear what the shows are like before you buy ’em (or even if you’re a regular listener who wants a bonus episode), Matt and I watched the first episode of the 1995 Street Fighter animated series and recorded a free mini-episode about it! You can grab it from the “Vs. Fighting Games” album as a single or as part of the whole album, and if you want to watch along with us, the cartoon is up on YouTube, or you can catch up with it at the Movie Fighters tumblr!

Thanks for listening, and don’t worry: We’ll be back in two weeks with another bad movie, and this time, it’s going to be a delight.

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