20 thoughts on “A Friendly Reminder From Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru

  1. The real loser here is the Science Museum, who will (once again) get stiffed out of something Doc Magnus has promised them — no doubt after giving him a receipt for yet another tax deduction.

  2. Man, it’s really been too long since we tapped into the Tech Support line for the Will Magnus Institute of Super-Science, hasn’t it?

  3. Couldn’t he have just run with the usual excuse: ‘Honey I can’t I’ve got a virus’?

    Keep up the awesome work dude your site is always a good read!

  4. I thought this was finally explained in 52, or possibly the Metal Men series that followed after. The statement was that Metal Men basically build themselves, that the personalities are embedded into the elements themselves. Meaning that poor Tin is never going to get over it and get some self confidence, and that Will Magnus built Platinum not to moon over him, but built Platinum and learned that she mooned over him, which drives him nuts.

  5. I wrote about the same incident a while back: http://www.thiel-a-vision.com/?p=360

    Doc actually does donate Tina to the Science Museum in the next issue, but the patrons complain because she cries all the time about being locked in a glass case slightly bigger than herself.

    As I put it: “Doc Magnus, inventor and asshat.”

  6. When I was a kid, I was pretty certain that the Metal Men didn’t show up with Doc Magnus in “Brave and the Bold” because Batman woulda decked him for treating Tina so badly. Either that or Doc was on his very best behavior around Batman.

  7. Doc has to be creative keeping his robots in line — “She fell down the stairs” just doesn’t fly if she’s made of metal.

  8. Man, I love the Metal Men. The game I play with my friends is, flip to any page of the book, and something absolutely crazy is going on.

    And oh, that jacket of his.

    I was so happy when _52_ brought the good doctor back to the limelight.

  9. Tonight I finally tell my girlfriend that I’m giving her to the science museum. Doc Magnus, you gave me the strength to act!

  10. Was Dr. Will Magnus created by writer Robert Kanigher? If he was, then that explains everything.

  11. I think it was the Occassional Superheroine who said:

    The Metal Men taught me about science, for example I leared that mercury is a liquid at room temperature and that platinum is slutty.

  12. You young whippersnappers who don’t remember the great science fiction/fantasy shows of the 1960s have to realize something:

    Whenever a guy either makes a sexy robot woman (aka android) or has a beautiful blond genie magically appear before him and call him Master, or marries an attractive blond witch, the man will immediately do everything in his power to both hide the shameful fact that his companion is not a regular human girl (all women were called girls back then, regardless of their age) and put her down at every given opportunity for being so special.

    Unless he is married to her via a Christian ceremony, doing anything beyond a reluctant kiss is out of the question.

    You kids, you just don’t appreciate the good old days.

  13. You’re right, Brad, thanks!

    You kids get off my lawn!

    And turn down that crazy rock and roll music too!

    In my day, we couldn’t even afford a Victrola to listen to Buddy Epsen and we had to walk 20 miles uphill in a snowstorm in our bare feet in the summer both ways to even look at a record player!

    And then we had to go live in a shoebox in a swamp!

  14. Why is it that scientists in older comics are frequently giant jerks? Remember some of the early Reed Richards/Sue Storm scenes?
    And this is probably getting too geeky but I just realized that Warren in his first appearance in Buffy Season Five is somehow Doc Magnus’ spiritual successor (Let’s build a robot girl that loves me and then mistreat her). Of course he turned into a psychopathic villain whereas Doc Magnus is apparently still a ‘hero’ despite David Thiel here giving us evidence of him actually being rather sickeningly inhumane.
    Ah, the past was a simpler time.