67 thoughts on “A Night at the Gotham City Opera

  1. If a band covered that song right now and DC were cool with them making a `motion comic’ film clip of the above panels, it’d go straight to number one. World wide. Id get onto that now If I were you.

  2. PS

    I have always thought of the Terrible Trio as the Supremes of the super-villain backup singers.

  3. This was a de-LIGHT. And that last panel? Somehow, bizarrely sweet and hugely uncomfortable at the SAME TIME.

    Well played.

  4. Second panel up from the bottom is Aparo, right? I love the agonized expressions he used to draw for Batman. My God. Clearly Batman knows pain in ways the average man never will…

  5. I will see Maddy’s *claps* and raise a *slow clap* and a hearty “Oh, GOD, yes.”

  6. I realized my tweet about this post makes me sound like the crabby old fart who only wants to hear the classic hits, so let me clarify: Wowzers.

  7. Is Batman covering Queen more awesome than Archie covering Pulp? Signs point to HELL, YES.

  8. Well, I wanted it all and you were under pressure to rock us with your one vision about a crazy little thing called love. And, now I’m here, in a flash you spread your wings and broke thru headlong with a kind of magic – a miracle – full of innuendo. I’m full of jealousy and I may be going slightly mad but, Chris, you’re my best friend!

    Well done.

  9. Panel 7: Batman seems to be having trouble getting his cape through the window. Too much starch?

  10. Chris, whatever you’re doing right now, I’d like you to stop, jump up in the air and pump your fist, and then freeze in mid-air for a few minutes while the A-Team theme music plays in the background. You’ve earned it.

  11. Followed this while listening to the song on my ‘pod. *Applauds* Congratulations, you amazing sir.

  12. It’s over; I have to stop browsing the internet, I’m never going to find something more awesome than this. Thanks Chris for ruining the Internet for me…

  13. So, last night, my fiancee and I read this again, while listening to the song.

    It was the most romantic moment of my life.

  14. Chris, have you read Freddie and Me? You might like it.

    I have! I’ve described it as “the only autobiographical comic I’ve ever read that I didn’t hate.” By which I mean I loved it.

    I bought it from Dawson at HeroesCon last year, and he even did a sketch of Freddie that said “good luck with the comic!” So by that logic, Freddie Mercury is a fan of the Action Age.

  15. Haven’t trolled this blog for 2 weeks, & now I come back & see this…. I should never have left! Thanx, Chris!

    MAKE MINE ISB!!!!!

  16. Suddenly I really want to try this using one of the songs from “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea”, but probably won’t because there’s no way in hell that it’d be a fraction as funny as this is.

  17. Well done, one of my all time fave bands and heroes combined. All i ask is you look into the possibility of the joker singing i want to break free as an encore

  18. The second to last panel, he looks like he’s in pain because he just tried to punch Superman in the chin, almost broke his hand.

  19. Does anyone else find themselves playing the song in their head as they read this?

    Epic, by the way. Just plain epic.

  20. I was actually listening to Queen – Somebody to Love when I stumbled this page. What are the odds?