10 thoughts on “And Now…

  1. This is officially the Most Insane comic ever made, right? I don’t know if I could handle anything more completely ridiculously stupid-awesome.

  2. I freaking LOVE the glasses! It’s like, aside from the joke with the monsters retreating in terror from Herbie, the creators are setting up another joke about why the one on the far right didn’t have as much common sense as the others, who were terrified of Herbie in the second panel. And then you see that it’s because this one needed glasses, and that explains why the other ones stopped in the second panel, because you didn’t know they were terrified until the implication becomes clear in panel 5! Plus, the glasses themselves are hilarious!!

    I mean I know the whole thing is right there and everyone has already read it and doesn’t need me to explain it, but I’m just surprised, because that’s a pretty sophisticated bit of business for a comic that I assumed usually made its bones on surreal imagery and absurd situations.

  3. Herbie truly is unique. (Might he be the Buddha? Theologians out there, please explain whether a fictional character can be a reincarnation of Buddha.)

  4. Easy.

    In a postmodern world where fiction is often mistaken (or passed off) as reality, the Buddha returns in the only form people will listen to anymore.

  5. Sigh.

    I kind of miss the days when people would ask me what the greatest comic ever published was, and I would say Herbie, and they would say, “who?”

    Just kidding. Share the love!

  6. Herbie needs to be used when any story arc or “crossover event” in comics gets totally wacked.

    E.g., Civil War Iron Man & Reed Richards:

    “I will bop you with my lollipop.”

    “OH NO! It’s…. HERBIE!!!”

    Problem solved; return to the status quo; Mark Millar chastised, and sent to his room without dinner.

  7. The problem with Mark Miller, is he won’t STAY in his room. The chastisment it just rolls off his oafish head.