38 thoughts on “And Then There Was The Time I Got Colleen Coover To Draw Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose

  1. At C2E2 I complimented Colleen Coover on her War Rocket Ajax appearance, and she responded that she ‘loves Chris Sims.’ Which, clearly, she does. Bravo Sims. Bravo Colleen Coover. And incidentally, bravo Jim Balent. Thanks to those three, the world is now a much better place.

    (Protip: when complimenting Colleen Coover on her WRA appearances, be sure to point out that you are not complimenting her for that one show where she sang, but rather the other one where she does not sing at all)

  2. This is…it’s just…wow. I think this is the best sketch (and sketch request) in history.

    How wrong is it that I really want to see her write a Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose comic now? Because I bet it would be the funniest, most entertaining, best-drawn goddamn thing EVER.

  3. And yet I’m not sure that asking Jim Balent for a Small Favors commission would work nearly as well.

  4. Colleen Coover, you have to get out of here! Your Tarot is haunting!

    Hauntingly lovely, that is!

  5. I suddenly pictured Tarot babysitting Power Pack… and then I woke up.

  6. We should nominate this for an Eisner. Or a Harvey. Possibly a Nobel. “The Time Chris Sims Got Colleen Coover To Draw Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose”. That’s all the nomination form needs to say.

  7. “And yet I’m not sure that asking Jim Balent for a Small Favors commission would work nearly as well.”

    Still, the attempt must be made.

  8. Did she even need any reference materials, or did she just have that image kicking around in her head?

    That is awesome.

  9. I am so incredibly jealous of you. Also, kicking myself that I didn’t think of that.

  10. I never thought I’d live to see “Tarot” and “Most Awesome Thing Ever” labels on the same post, about the same thing. But Colleen Coover found a way. We are better people today for this.

  11. Hopefully Jim Balent has a google alert for “Tarot” and “awesome” and will hire Coover to write and draw a one shot off of this drawing and the response. I’d totally pay cash money for that.

  12. It’s… it’s not painful and degrading to look at. In fact, it looks pleasant! Colleen has done the impossible.

  13. Colleen Coover should get her own comic book universe to do whatever she wants with. She is the bees knees, for sure.

  14. Now I want to see Collen Coover draw Tarot holding Bully The Stuffed Bull.
    I can’t think of a problem that couldn’t solve if only for a moment.

  15. Got to agree – “Most Awesome Thing Ever”! I adore Colleen Coover, and a Coover-drawn & written issue of Tarot would not only be sexier than the original, but possibly the high point of civilisation as we know it.

  16. She did a Hulk for me at comic con last year that has become one of my favorite pieces in my collection. Stood there talking to her and Paul Tobin for like an hour at the end of the show while she drew, then shaded and colored the piece. She is all class and amazingly talented! (As is her husband!)