Ask Chris #78: The Frame-by-Frame Breakdown of the Batman: The Animated Series Opening



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’m getting downright self-indulgent as I write a frame-by-frame breakdown of the Batman: TAS opening, studying it in-depth to figure out just what it tells you about Batman in less than one minute of screen time.

I’m not going to lie, guys: I’m proud(er than usual) of this one, and if you’ve never sat down and really thought about that sequence, it’s going to blow your mind how much is actually in it.

The Ten Best Batman: The Animated Series Episodes Ever



Today at ComicsAlliance, I am stirring things up with my definitive, comprehensive, unarguable you’re-wrong-I’m-right list of The Ten Best Batman: The Animated Series episodes, which of course took about five times longer to write than I thought. Who could have ever predicted that I would have more opinions than the average person about Batman and Batman related matters? If only there was some record we could have looked at. If only. If only.

Anyway, enjoy the list. It was tough to narrow down the picks — I ended up shuffling around some classics in order to get it all down to ten — but I stand by ’em. And just remember, if you have suggestions on episodes I may have forgotten, or reasons why I’m wrong, well… Take it away, Dwayne:



Batman: Arkham City Features Less Logic and More Shark-Punching



I hope you guys are ready for the shock of the year: I really enjoyed the hell out of Batman: Arkham City, a video game about Batman punching the living hell out of an entire community of criminals. It’s fantastic, and over at ComicsAlliance, I tell you why.

Oh, I also mention the whole thing where they call Catwoman a bitch constantly for like 3 paragraphs in a 2600-word review, so of course that means it’s all I ever talk about and I should just get over it. I’ll be issuing handwritten apologies for my liberal pinko handwringing just as soon as I’m finished thinking of the children.

Cinematic Batmanology: Batman (1966), Part Two



Today at ComicsAlliance, Uzi and I have written the final installment of Cinematic Batmanology. With this, we bid farewell to the Dark Knight of the big screen (at least for a while, anyway) and turn our attention to something else.

But before we do, we go through questions of anti-matter, how Lee Meriwether’s hotness put the entire world in jeopardy, and a surprising connection about Bruce Wayne’s attitude towards love, as illuminated by William Dozier. Enjoy!