Ask Chris #66: The World’s Finest Friendship



This week on Ask Chris, I tackle a question that — surprise! — I have strong opinions about: whether or not Superman and Batman should be friends.

And as a special bonus, please enjoy the five paragraphs where I go apeshit on comics readers for thinking like third graders, then go back to explaining how two fictional characters would definitely be buddies, without ever once acknowledging the irony. It’s a mean feat, but I accomplish it.

The Batman: Arkham City Demo Is Pretty Great



Since you’re reading this here, I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re aware of Batman: Arkham City, and you can probably already guess that I’ve been pretty excited about it ever since it was announced. At San Diego, however, I got to play a demo, and as someone who liked the first game a lot, I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve taken things up to the next level. Everything I liked in the first game is there… there’s just more of it. So go check out the video of me playing, read a little about what I saw, and then buy me a copy. This is not a joke.

Animated Batmanology: Tyger Tyger



Our original plan for this week’s Remedial Batmanology was to hit up the 2004 Catwoman movie — which I actually saw in the theater, though I can’t for the life of me remember why — but since we won’t be able to get both installments of that horror done with the San Diego Comic-Con looming in the middle, we decided to take a different route.

Thus, Animated Batmanology takes a look at “Tyger Tyger,” one of the only bad episodes of Batman: The Animated Series! It’s bad, it’s got Catwoman and Uzi and I are progressively overwhelmed by it over the course of a half-hour. Enjoy, and if you’d like to see us talk more TAS in the future (even with that Onion AV Club thing around, which I haven’t read yet), then leave a comment over at ComicsAlliance.

Remedial Batmanology Extra Credit Session: The Fashions of Batman & Robin



Now that we’re done reviewing Batman & Robin as a movie, it’s time to talk about the arena in which it had its greatest impact: The world of fashion!

Okay, maybe not. But today, Uzi and I are joined by the fashionable Bethany Fong to take a look at the movie’s original costume designs, and… yikes. If you thought what we wended up with was rough, wait’ll you see what didn’t make the cut.