Christmas Special: The True Bat-Meaning of Christmas

With one week to go, we’re now officially in the home stretch for Christmas, and that means that for a lot of us, the True Meaningâ„¢ of the holiday might be getting lost in the hustle and bustle. So if you can, take a moment from rushing to the store, wrapping presents, and stringing up the lights to reflect on what this time of year really means, a question that–like most questions I ask–can be ably answered with a visit from Golden Age Batman.

Is Christmas about…



Family Togetherness?






Kidness to your fellow man?


Heck no!




It’s about violence and threats, and that’s the way it oughtta be! Merry Christmas, Golden Age Batman!



1942’s Batman #9, in which Batman springs a convicted murderer named Bob Cratchit and proves his innocence just in time for Christmas, can be found in the pages of The Batman Chronicles v.5. And man, Gordon looked ROUGH back then.

20 thoughts on “Christmas Special: The True Bat-Meaning of Christmas

  1. @Nina A.

    I think that was before she discovered the joys of same-sex relations (assuming that’s Batwoman, and not Babs).

    I am filled with the Christmas Spirit now. Thankee Mister Sims!

  2. Holy mother of god, did Santa really give that guy in the plaid suit a little boy for Christmas? Those 1940s comics were brutal.

  3. Neither, actually.

    Well, now I must know who it was… I assumed with the red hair that it was Katherine Kane. I didn’t think Vicki Vale was a redhead.

  4. Y’know I’ve always wondered why Batman’s only trained/adopted Dick, Tim & Jason (yeah, I know hat didn’t turn out so good, but in many ways they had the closest relationship bruce’s had with his sons, and I still think things could work out for the family) when surely there are more parentless tots who’ve the potential to become skilled vigilante detectives. Possibly even those that fit the `black hair, look kinda like each other, parents killed by criminals’ profile. Doesn’t the spirit of christmas demand he do something to change their lives for the… well, I can’t really say better, but at least they’d be more interesting.

  5. Well, now I must know who it was… I assumed with the red hair that it was Katherine Kane.

    It’s Linda Page, one of Bruce Wayne’s girlfriends. Kate Kane wasn’t created ’til a few years ago, in 52. (Edit: Oh, wait, the other Kathy Kane. She wasn’t around ’til 1956)

  6. Man, did Batman fall into a Dick Tracy panel in that last picture? It would be the only thing that makes sense.

  7. If this 1940’s comic was used to cast the recent Dark Knight movie, I wonder who would have played Gordon. It would have been tough to find a triple-chinned actor that looks 95 years old.