Comics’ Most Humiliating Defeats



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’m celebrating the complete, utter and humiliating defeats of the Human Flame in Final Crisis Aftermath: Run by offering up a list of my all-time favorite crushing defeats in comics.

And I have to say: It’s a testament to how seriously I take this job that they weren’t just ten straight entries of Batman cold wrecking dudes. As it stands, B-Dubs still makes the list twice. Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Comics’ Most Humiliating Defeats

  1. I am disappointed that Sam Simeon defeating Gorilla Grodd with the words “chocolate frosted honey bombs”. Really, if being defeated by junk food isn’t humiliating, what is?

  2. I am disappointed that Sam Simeon defeating Gorilla Grodd with the words “chocolate frosted honey bombs” did not make the list. Really, if being defeated by junk food isn’t more humiliating than being defeated by Batman or Martian Manhunter, what is?

  3. Thank you Keith Giffen. I’m a little sad you didn’t include the following panel with Black Canary’s reaction (and J’onn’s reaction to her) which really knocks it out of the park.

  4. Is this the bit where we tell you what you should have put on the list and hope for the fried ice cream picture as a rebuttal? Okay:
    The Runaways Wolverine smackdown was a half-hearted lift from the far, far superior Punisher/Wolverine smackdown courtesy of Garth Ennis, which is a must-read for anyone who hates Wolverine, and probably compulsory for anyone who loves him. Apart from starting the long-overdue and thoroughly welcome trend for Wolvy -bashing that has seeped into everything, it features midget abuse, a shotgun castration, and the sight of a bar full of regular thugs laughing right in Wolverine’s face at the inherent stupidity of Wolverine as a straight man.

  5. Hey, Chris, didn’t you think it was completely awesome and not totally *** and uncreative in the least to have Hal Jordan do the same thing to Batman in Rebirth?

    Yeah, me neither. ******* ****.

  6. I love love love that Superman story. I read it as a kid in a big hardcover black and white collection in our school library, and it’s one of the best of its era, so far as I can tell. Hmmm. Now all of a sudden I want to find out what happens in 234. Damn you, Sims!

  7. Oh Christopher, Christopher. You didn’t include the pulse-pounding sense-shattering issue of Ultimate Hulk Vs Ultimate Wolverine EXTREME Edition where Hulk ripped wolverine in two and proceeded to let him stay like that for 3 years.

  8. One of the most bad-ass villains ever getting taken out by squirrels? Humiliating.

    Jerk getting knocked out with one punch by Batman? I’m not so sure. Maybe the preceding panels set it up as humiliating, but getting your ass kicked by Batman would seem to be a non-humiliating situation by definition. Unless he used squirrels.

  9. Thanks for giving Ultraman v Jonn the props it deserves. I love that entire book so much, and those panels are the best.

    Though your reduced the impact by cutting Jonn giving an encore by shutting Superwoman down cold.

  10. Squirrel Girl rules. I used to live in a big city, and anyone who could control squirrels, pigeons and/or rats would be a force to be fucking reckoned with. Varmint Girl would have criminals pissing themselves in terror.