Friday Night Fights: MODOK Is Supreme…

And now, the eternal battle of Brain vs. Brawn:






Winner: Brawn

Would Bahlactus have it any other way?


MODOK’s face-shattering chin-check courtesey of Marvel Team-Up #104, wherein the Hulk expresses his sorrow over the loss of Jarella by punching a dinosaur.

6 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: MODOK Is Supreme…

  1. THAT is awesome and a half.

    Hulk totally broke his rocket-chair. And I think one of those pieces of rubble is a giant, deformed, MODOK tooth.

  2. “Hulk is Hulk.” Tough guys always have to remind us of what should be patently obvious. How many times did Popeye employ this brilliant argument tactic? How can you rebut “I am awesome, because awesome is what I am?”

  3. BTW… I have recently discovered the joy of the hover-over text in your images. I am convinced the meaning of life can be discerned by rotating my monitor at a 90 degree angle and reading your posts backwards. If I don’t post again, you may assume I’ve achieved total enlightenment.