M.O.D.O.K. Month Finale: What M.O.D.O.K. Means To Me



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’m finishing off our month-long celebration of the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing in a way that i know he’d approve of: By foisting off my work onto a group of far more talented professionals.

I asked a handful of pros to respond to the question “What MODOK Means to Me” in the style of a fifth-grade essay, and the results are amazing. They cracked me up, and special props go to MODOK’s 11 writer Fred Van Lente for going that extra mile. So enjoy, and remember:

Live every month… like it’s MODOK Month.

MODOK Month: Hooray For Gooba Sings a Love Song



With two posts in two days about the right honorable George Tarleton, I have unilaterally declared it to be M.O.D.O.K. Month, rolling on through with today’s look (and listen) at Hooray for Gooba and their love song about MODOK.

As long-time ISB readers might supect, HFG are–or rather, is–one of you, and he’s made a great little song that I promise you’ll be humming on the way to work tomorrow. Now if I could just get him on a bill with the GI Joe Killaz…

March MODOK Madness!



Today at ComicsAlliance, I’ve thrown the spotlight onto the third-most wonderful time of the year, March MODOK Madness!

I’ve put a few of my favorites up at CA–and obviously you should all go read them and comment about how insightful the captions are–but if you want to skip right to the star of the show, head over to the March MODOK Madness blog and check out what they’ve got, including actual comic pages of the story posted above.

The (Highly Suspect) Lineup of the Secret Avengers!



With the announcement of Ed Brubaker’s Secret Avengers, speculation is running rampant over just who those silhouettes in the promos might be, but as always, I have the answers with a 100% True* Rundown of the Secret Avengers Promos!

Sure, they’re unlikely, but tell me you wouldn’t read the crap out of a comic with those guys.


*: Truth percentage may be exaggerated for comedic effect.

Everybody Loves M.O.D.O.K.!

Well, Captain America doesn’t, and I have my sincere doubts that Iron Man and the Hulk are holding out any deep affection for the guy, but I sure as hell love MODOK! That’s why I contributed my latest article to Comics Alliance, a gallery of MODOK’s strangest moments. And as Laura Hudson writes in her introduction, considering that MODOK is himself a strange moment, there’s bound to be some weirdness in there.

Shockingly, only two of the entries come from Nextwave.

So please, click on over there and check out the G.O.M.O.D.O.K., and in the meantime, please enjoy an entry that I neglected to include in the finished product: The MODOK McMuffin, by the Action Age’s own Rusty Shackles!



For more of Rusty’s work, check out his gallery and of course, his work on The Hard Ones for the Action Age of Comics!