10 thoughts on “Friday Night Fights: The Classics

  1. Conceptually, I get a kick out of DC’s absolute commitment to the running gag of inevitably replacing a dead Golden or Silver Age superhero with a minority, woman, or minority woman (examples too numerous to need citation, I hope). In practice, however, I think the Question is awesome and didn’t need to be screwed with. Happily, I can always just read this series again. Also, getting a Vic Sage roundhouse kick to the small of the back would be one of the most painful things I can imagine, so nice imagery.

  2. in last week’s Immortal Iron Fist, the Iron Fist of 730AD said that the world would be better by not kicking people in the face. clearly, he is insane.

  3. DC Comics: We Leverage Our Intellectual Properties To Develop Stars In Other Mediums. Then Immediately Kill Them Off And Replace Them.

  4. It’s cheating to use the Denny O’Neil Question. Those comics were pretty much 216 Panels of Pain, each.

  5. This has more to do with yesterday’s post when you were peddling your things, but why is your ebay account speedforce1 when I don’t recall you ever (unfortunately) reviewing an issue of The Flash?

  6. It’s not mine; as mentioned in the post, it’s a friend doing all the eBay grunt work as a favor.

    I do have an eBay account though (shockingly, it’s “invinciblesuperblog”), and I also have a pretty solid run of The Flash. I just stopped reading it about halfway through the Johns run.

  7. The character/mythos is one of my favorites, mainly because The Flash was one of my earliest experiences in comics. I’ll admit, that last run was a tad bit…well, Godawful. I have very high hopes for Rebirth. As I live way too far away from any sort of comic shop, I have to wait quite a while for it.