16 thoughts on “Herbie Saw What You Did

  1. Does Darkhorse have a licenceing claim to any new terminator comics? Cause I smell crossover. Herbie would totally kick… i mean bop… any terminator’s ass of course but it’d be sweet to see. I could imagine him wearing boots, a leather jacket and sunglasses over his normal oputift. Actually, can skynet be bopped with a lollypop? Does it even exist in one place? I guess if Keanu can fight a computer program Herbie can. Man, see what you do to my brain? (I couldn’t even form words to respond to your last two posts).

  2. I swear, if I saw that face rising up out of the ground, I’d look through my monocle and then run like the dickens!

  3. Tarot, that is. Not the tasty root.

    Come to think of it, it’d be a great April Fools’ joke if Balent were to drop the “T” from the end and print up 22 pages of tuber porn.

    Well, maybe not.

  4. Do I detect the sweet face of relief, a la Steve Martin in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels?
    They have rest areas, Herbie!!!
    Oh, and use a leaf.

  5. “I done planted me some fat kid bulbs last month, and lookit here! Glasses already! Gonna be a bumper crop o’ nerds this season. This here is good land for dork-farmin’. Plenty o’ nitrogen and geekishness in the soil.”

  6. So Herbie is really Killroy. Does that mean he’s also Mr. Roboto?

    “The time has come at last,

    To throw away this mask,

    Now everyone can see,

    My true identity!

    I’m HERBIE!



  7. goddam it’s bothering me…what movie is that alt text from?

    The Terminator.

    Although I’ve heard it said about Geraldo, too.