Pop Quiz

Tonight’s subject: Police Procedure:



In the face of an overwhelming crime wave, FBI Agent Pat Murphy is told that he has “free rein” to work on the case his “own way.” Does this mean that he will:


A) Strictly operate within the bounds of the law, gathering information from known informants and cooperating with local law enforcement to ensure that all information is available before making arrests?

B) Take his superior’s words as tacit approval to “bend” the rules by using unconventional or “strong-arm” tactics such as intimidating persons of interest with threats of violence or incarceration, conducting searches without a warrant or provoking suspects into violence?

C) Assume the identity of a hobo clown named “Chauncey Throttlebottom III” and beat criminals with each other until finally throwing their boss off of a windmill.





31 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. A whole heap of craptacular 70s-80s (and beyond!) action movies & TV shows just got a whole lot better in my mind. Dirty Hobo, Hobo to Kill, Homocide: Life On the Street…

  2. Surely that would be “Hobocide”. Law & Order: Special Hobos Unit! CSH(Crime Scene Hobos)! Missing Hobos! I can’t help but feel that the networks are missing a rich seam, here.

  3. I haven’t laughed this hard since Superman’s Satanic Son and his invisible extradimensional siamese demon twin.

    Keep it coming.

  4. I have had a picture of Chauncey Throttlebottom III on my computer for AGES. i was beginning to think i was the only one who knew about him.

    The Vagabond… just brilliant stuff. The fact that The Vagabond’s secret identity is C. Throttlebottom III, but Chauncey’s secret identity is Pat Murphy… its so byzantine, there is no risk a criminal will ever find out who he REALLY is.

    oh, and while writing that, my brain tied itself in a knot.

  5. I love his origin story, where he was trying to figure out how to scare criminals when a Cirque du Soleil performer flew in his window.

  6. Chauncey Throttlebottom III is perhaps the most genius name to have ever been printed…

  7. Pat Murphy – Hobo Investigator

    “He’s not just a hobo, he’s also a spy…
    with a bottle of rotgut and a knife in your EYEEEEEEE….”

  8. Surely that would be “Hobocide”.

    No, see, because the subtitle is “Life on the Street”, so it’s already a hobosploitation title.

  9. Two and a Half Hobos

    Desperate Hobos

    So, You Think You’re Drunker Than a Hobo?

    The Amazing Hobo Race

    Gossip Hobo

  10. Danicus, it’s even more Byzantine than that when you consider Pat Murphy’s strong resemblance to Paul Kirk, green suit and all.

  11. So… The Vagabond, is Chauncey Throttlebottom III, is Pat Murphy, who is ACTUALLY the Manhunter… whose real name is Paul Kirk.

    Oh man, if that were true, I would weep tears of purest joy.

  12. So… The Vagabond, is Chauncey Throttlebottom III, is Pat Murphy, who is ACTUALLY the Manhunter… whose real name is Paul Kirk.

    …who adopted the name “Lamont Cranston” during his travels in the Orient.

  13. Thank you Sims… My head just exploded.

    …Shortly after those joy-tears streamed down my face.