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From Haney and Aparo’s Brave and the Bold #126:



Is The Double Dolphin:

a) A lost page from the Atlantean Kama Sutra?

b) A delicious blended cocktail of rum, triple sec, squid ink and seawater?

c) A bar full of angry rednecks that can only be tamed by martial artist and philosopher Patrick Swayze?

Pop Quiz

Tonight’s subject: Police Procedure:



In the face of an overwhelming crime wave, FBI Agent Pat Murphy is told that he has “free rein” to work on the case his “own way.” Does this mean that he will:


A) Strictly operate within the bounds of the law, gathering information from known informants and cooperating with local law enforcement to ensure that all information is available before making arrests?

B) Take his superior’s words as tacit approval to “bend” the rules by using unconventional or “strong-arm” tactics such as intimidating persons of interest with threats of violence or incarceration, conducting searches without a warrant or provoking suspects into violence?

C) Assume the identity of a hobo clown named “Chauncey Throttlebottom III” and beat criminals with each other until finally throwing their boss off of a windmill.





Pop Quiz

Tonight’s Subject: Great Moments In Sidekickery.

In 1967, Batman, Robin and Batgirl traveled to Londinium, where Robin was almost immediately set upon by a team of delinquent finishing school girls, who then held him hostage.

In their bedroom.



The rare African Death Bee is also involved.

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Pop Quiz



Is this:

a) Lois Lane giving a spanking to a time-traveling Super-Baby after he punches a hole in her favorite cookie jar,


b) One of the more bizarre episodes of The Family Circus from Bill Keane’s mid-60s “experimental” phase, wherein the mother mutated into a strange, eight-armed disciplinarian?


At the risk of giving away the answer, it should be noted that the preceding panel, by the inimitable Kurt Schaffenberger, can be found in the pages of Showcase Presents Superman Family v.2. And really, be glad I didn’t post that story’s last panel.