Romance Special: Jimmy Olsen vs. Male Enhancement

And finally, completing this year’s Valentine’s Day Olsen Trifecta, a heartwarming scene from a story where Jimmy finally gets tired of being too small to please his girlfriend, and seeks chemical help to increase his size:



Uh, I probably should’ve mentioned that back before email, that sentence had an entirely different meaning.


The whole story of Jimmy’s brief career as a giant-sized gorilla-wrestler and its romantic implications can be found in the truly essential Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen, which which no fan of awesome should be without.

14 thoughts on “Romance Special: Jimmy Olsen vs. Male Enhancement

  1. Jimmy amazes me. His thought bubble is ridiculous, “I GUESS I’ll settle for this beautiful princess… since I can’t marry that vicious harpy, Lucy.”

  2. You know, if all those e-mails I get about getting bigger meant this, I’d be opening those things as soon as they hit my in-box.

    Who needs drugs when you have Jimmy Olsen stories?

  3. When you’re James Olsen, everything has romantic implications. In the story of his life, every sentence ends with the phrase “with sexy results.”

  4. Her monitor screen saw what happened? I’m pretty sure she saw what happened on her monitor screen.

  5. “I’m sadly more interested in why he’s wearing Colossal Boy’s outfit.”

    In the Silver Age, giant clothes only came in 2 styles, Colossal Boy and Giganta, and nobody wants to see Jimmy in a leopard print skirt.

  6. I was going to ask – this story AND last, what’s with the kelly green and canary yellow color schemes? Was some editor scared that readers would be confused if Jimmy wore any color from anyone else’s wardrobe?

    Hey, waitaminute – Olson’s wearing a red tie!
    “Well, boss – it goes with the Christmas theme. And he’s still wearing his gren plaid jacket and yellow slacks.”
    It’s the SAME COLOR as Superman’s cape! People will mix them up!

    “They’ll mix up the orange-haired nitwit in the Oakland A’s uniform with the handsome, swarthy alien with superpowers.”

    “OK, OK, I’m changing it – but just you wait; in twenty years Alan Moore graduates from high school and we’re all screwed.”

    Of course, he’s wearing red gloves in this panel – must have snuck it by the editors because of the proximity to Allura’s cape.