Spooktoberfest Special: This Costume Is “Techno-Active!”

Sure, Halloween might have been yesterday, but as anyone who’s seen me around Christmas and my birthday knows, I don’t see any reason to actually stop celebrating once the date has actually passed.

Yes, like Rachelle, my Spooktoberfest celebrations were extended by an extra day, but instead of a party, I had the far nerdier excuse of the After-Halloween sale at work. So, in order to keep the party going, I decided to dress up as the one and only Jack Kirby!



“Hey! I forgot to draw the senses-shattering cosmic thunder on this page!



“Ah, that’s better!”


It’s obviously a pretty simple costume, but I’ll admit to preferring stuff that can pass for normal clothes in the inevitable event that I’m the only person who bothers to dress up, which I was. But it was fun, and it gave me a chance to use the ideas some pals and I were batting around for Dr. K before he settled on Solomon Grundy.

For the record, here’s the original:



So what’d you guys do?

50 thoughts on “Spooktoberfest Special: This Costume Is “Techno-Active!”

  1. Kick ass costume sir, in the mighty Marvel manner!

    Sure you could pass for an every day Joe, but once people catch the hints and clues, the wonder on their faces makes everything worth it.

  2. Kick ass costume sir, in the mighty Marvel manner!

    All it’s missing is someone dressed as Stan Lee to take credit for it!

  3. Seeing as it’s All Saints Day, and we are a Catholic family, we watched “Boondock Saints” and went out for sushi.

  4. Hey, at least you remembered the cigar. At Marvel these days, Jack wouldn’t even get one of those drawn in his hand.

    Thanks for honoring Jack Kirby! I’m sure he would wonder why you would want to do that when you could have gone as Captain America or Orion instead.

  5. I was the economy. Basically, I dressed like a hobo (gloves with the fingers cut off, a top hat, clothes with patches, an extension cord belt), but I wore a name tag that said “Economy.” So really I was a political cartoon representation of the economy.

  6. I dunno, Chris. My frame of reference of old-school Marvel homages is Roger The Stan Lee Experience from X-Play. “Excelsior! That means ‘DC’s for douchebags!'”

  7. I didn’t have a camera to document it, but my costume this year was pretty awesome.
    Turns out I was a Skrull all along.

  8. I was “The Dork Knight”
    Sort of like Kevin Smith’s creation, with some additions of my own. Bat shaped painting over eyes, “Hush” Batman shirt, black cargo shorts with yellow utility belt, black Doc Martins, y’know.

  9. Senses-shattering cosmic thunder. That phrase instantly warmed my soul. Yes it did.

    I spent most of my time drawing random monster-like characters (Slimer/Onionhead Ghost, Altered Beast, Solomon Grundy) and watching horror flicks. I’m about to watch Pan’s Labyrinth for the first time. I’ll dust Sunday night off with Monster Squad and Dead-Alive.

  10. Good movie choice James. To paraphrase myself, Pan’s Labyrinth is to fairy tales what Watchmen is to super-hero comics.

  11. I dressed up as Robert Smith of The Cure. The best part of my day was when some random guy at Jack In The Box recognized who I was supposed to be.

  12. I was probably the most obscure costume imaginable. I was Kyle Reese, the human from the future in the original Terminator movie.

    The only person who got it without needing to be told was my Dad.

  13. I made myself a Phanto mask and a giant key, and wore a black suit. The best part was a guy dressed as Mario trying to make off with my key as soon as I got to the bar.

  14. I didn’t manage to get out there. But I did gather some of the materials. One hockey mask, One sweeney todd wig, a brown trenchcoat and a red Robin outfit.

    I’m a horrible person, I wanted to go as Jason Todd.

  15. That’s funny, I dressed as Steve Ditko. Smart-casual, glasses and I avoided people the whole night.

  16. I believe Kirby was at a Halloween party dressed as Fred Rogers in that photo of him.

    -Citizen Scribbler

  17. Went to work on Halloween in a pith helmet, khaki shirt and khaki pants, and polished black Doc Martens. Was either a big game hunter, vet or 1920’s archaeologist.

  18. I was probably the most obscure costume imaginable. I was Kyle Reese, the human from the future in the original Terminator movie.

    … You dressed as Michael Biehn?

  19. I listened to the Misfits and hated things.

    But if I had made a costume, I suppose I could have been Steve Ditko. That way I wouldn’t have had to leave the house.

  20. I dressed up as Dr. McNinja, which was awesome, but the best thing was 2 people approached me and said how much they love the comic, which was quite surreal.

    I’ll send a photo when upload my camera pics

  21. I dressed up as the most brutal of all bass players.


    And nobody except my Hallowe’en date knew who I was. :(

  22. I dressed as Darth Vader, as usual, and went to work, also as usual.

    I only saw one other person in costume the whole night (a Joker, of course). But I missed Freddie Mercury and Indiana Jones – together! – while I was in the bathroom.

  23. I dressed up as the Question. Mixed results, but I think it tunred out pretty well overall.

  24. Very awesome, sir. Glad you were able to make work into a good time.

    I actually had three costumes in one (sort of). I initially dressed as ¡El Hombre Formal! – a Luchadora in a full Tuxedo and mask. When I took off the sweltering mask and picked up a drink, I became James Bond. And lastly, when the beastly hot and crowded Halloween party made me lose the jacket and open my vest, my Batman t-shirt showed beneath my formal shirt . . . thus making me Bruce Wayne.

    So, in short, I was a Triple-Changer of Geektasticness.

  25. I went as Ashley Todd. I made a “McCain – Pennsylvania Team” tshirt and had my roommate bruise me up (fake bruises with make-up) and draw a backwards B on my face.

    No one got it.

  26. Professer X was the costume here. Walkin’ throguh the salvation army for ideas..saw a wheel chair for 25 dollars. Shaved my head and beard..and put on a suit. Bm, a poor man’s prof X. TO ME, MY X-MEN!

    For some reason I cannot post a link to the pic hosted on image shack here in the comments, though.

  27. Excellent costume, Chris.

    I went for an uninspired Hannibal Lector with straightjacket. Lost me mask at some point during the night….

  28. I was at the World Fantasy Convention in Calgary, where I went as “guy in his hotel room watching Canadian football.” It was ace.