War Rocket Ajax #187: The Fifth Annual War On Christmas Special

Just Gimme One Dance With Ash!

You may have noticed that I’ve been slacking off on posting my annual musical advent calendar, and I have a reason for that. Today, it is time once again for the fifth annual War Rocket Ajax War On Christmas Special, and in what might be the most harrowing idea we have ever done, Matt and I are joined by Matt Fraction and Maggie Serota in an attempt to create The Worst Christmas Mixtape Ever!

Each of us picked five tracks, and as we sip eggnog and roast chestnuts, we move from the least offensive to the absolutely soul-scarring, from a sleepy “Santa Baby” to “Christmas With A Dalek” all the way to asking “Where’s The Line To See Jesus?” Our only rule was that we couldn’t use anything from Psychopathic Records, but other than that, no holds were barred, and it got pretty ugly. Plus, Trip Fantastic‘s Jason Baxter and a special guest of his own join us for what I think is our very first cooking segment, where we offer up a recipe for eggnog!

War Rocket Ajax #87: The Yuletide Solstice Podmass Podcast Podbash Bash Blast Cast Jax with Matt Fraction and Maggie Serota

(WARNING: Contains NSFW language)

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