39 thoughts on “The Only Review You Need This Week

  1. If Wild Dog did a crossover with ROM… the world would end, as nothing greater could come forth from this fragile sphere.

  2. And Nemesis the Warlock, and Nemesis Kid, and the song “Nemesis” by Shriekback plays the whole time, and now the word nemesis has lost all of its meaning.

  3. Wasn’t Anthro’s jacket basically the same jacket Mr. Terrific wears? Who’s copping whose style??

  4. I mean… I get the appeal of the character, dont’ get me wrong, but I actually have the original miniseries, and it’s nothing special. In fact, it’s handled pretty poorly for the most part.

    “Which one of them is Wild Dog?” was supposed to be a huge mystery, but there were zero actual clues…

  5. Title Undertimened had a Wild Dog week a while back. Diamondrock is a major mark for the character. Pity what happens to him of course. But then it IS a Geoff Johns book…

  6. Ilion, yeah that was Mr. Terrific’s jacket with ‘ANTHRO’ all over it instead of ‘FAIR PLAY’. You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    I, for one, think it means that Anthro is the third smartest man on the planet.

  7. I love Wild Dog. Wild Dog is the on remaining character who SHOULD be done in a grime and gritty 90s style comic book because that would actually make sense. (Unlike, I dunno, Dr. Fate)

  8. If Wild Dog did a crossover with ROM… the world would end, as nothing greater could come forth from this fragile sphere.

    Wild Dog and ROM riding off in U.S. 1 to do battle with Surf Jams Joker!

    …and a soundtrack provided by the Steeltown Rockers?!?

    With special guests, Guitar Wolf!

    You’d have to get the Enforcers in there somewhere. As well as the Nemesis Enforcer, and Nemesis.

    And Nemesis the Warlock, and Nemesis Kid, and the song “Nemesis” by Shriekback plays the whole time, and now the word nemesis has lost all of its meaning.

    I’m not gonna lie to you, folks: Sometimes, the comments on the ISB annoy me or get on my nerves.

    But sometimes, every once in a while… I totally love you guys.

  9. Howcum Wild Dog gets irises and pupils, while Green Arrow and Hawkman don’t?

    The Greatest Mystery of teh Universe!!!

  10. I am going to be the biggest geek of all and say 1. I love Ms. Tree & Max Allan Collins/Terry Beatty radness, and 2. I thought Wild Dog was mischaracterized.*

    God, I’m going to hell.

    *(I do acknowledge that all the “evil past” characters are drawn broadly).

  11. Its a good thing that Wild Dog was around to stop all of the rampant terrorism that was going on in Davenport, Iowa and Moline, Illinois in the late 80s. I know that I felt safer as a child because of it.

  12. Wild Dog/WildC.A.T.S. Special
    (w)Ron Marz, (a) Jim Lee

    backup feature
    (w)Garth Ennis, (a)Steve Dillon

    Halo Corp. opens a new location in Davenport,Iowa but all is not as it seems since it’s not Halo Corp. at all but a Daemonite colonization force. Can even the combined might of Wild Dog and the WildC.A.T.S. save the Midwest from complete choas. In our backup feature Wild Dog & Zealot stop deliquents from vandalizing the Belly Burger.

  13. I picture Wild Dog as constantly loading and unloading the magazine into his automatic so that he can make that CHOK sound whenever he says anything dramatic (which is every time he says anything).

  14. Just a few weeks ago I came across an ad for Wild Dog’s series in one of the Suicide Squad back issues I’d been reading. “Holy terror,” I thought to myself, “who decided this guy was a good idea?”

    And now he shows up in one of my favorite comics and the internet has delivered its approval and I know now, at least, that Geoff Johns and Chris Sims thinks he’s a great idea. And that’s why this world is beautiful.

  15. I did a Wild Dog Week a little over a year ago. Being from the general Quad Cities area myself, it seemed like the right thing to do.

    Of course nobody notices little second string bloggers like me. *sniff*

    Seriously, though. My head nearly exploded when I saw the preview for BG #8. I was walking around in a daze all day, laughing hysterically to myself whenever I thought about it. I just wish somebody could get his costume right…

  16. Caleb over at everydayislikewednesday is advocating for a Wild Dog/ Wild cat run on Brave and the Bold. Any seconders?

    Also, since Anthro is the first boy and Mr Terrific was presumably a boy at somepoint in the past, its possible Anthro had the jacket style first within `continuity’. And I look forward to someone confirming this with math.

  17. Yes! We need another Wild Dog Week! I’ve become a big fan due to Diamondrock’s posts, and would love to see your take on the character, Chris.

  18. “I just wish somebody could get his costume right…”

    ..and his hair, Jack Wheeler was blonde, right?

  19. He was, yeah. And his mask is a full face hockey helm so we shouldn’t be able to see his hair at all… But maybe those are hard to find in a post-apocalyptic Max Lordian future…

  20. Envy? YOU’VE got Azrael and Doctor Polaris! All I have is Christopher, the alternate version of myself who doesn’t drink caffeine!

  21. Its weird, I like wilddog but frankly I was never all that impressed with any of his comics…so why do I like him!?!??! I guess its the costume and that he shoots people.

    He could be DC’s Punisher I guess.

  22. I first encountered Wild Dog in the pages of Action Comics Weekly which was only to be found in Dublin in the early 90’s in Pound Shops. It was damn strange encountering him in the same comic as Black Canary… The disconnect between the world of super-heroes and world of man-in-hockey-mask-what-shoots-people was so jarring that I’ve never forgotten him.