19 thoughts on “You Know Who’s Awesome?

  1. Straight up. Ernie Chan in SSOC did some of my favorite art EVER. I always liked the Buscema style to begin with, and Chan did it with this gorgeous chiaroscuro.

  2. Ooh, good call. When I was a kid, I didn’t appreciate Chan, since he seemingly did like four Conan books a month. (And the color in Conan the Barbarian never helped him out.) But now, looking back? Nice work.

  3. Ernie “Chua” Chan IS metal.

    I’ve always loved his work.
    (he was a part of the art team for awhile on Dr. Strange’s 1970’s title and he rocked it – hard!)

    Sadly, he doesn’t usually get the respect he deserves.

    Good to see him getting the ISB seal of Awesomeness!


  4. re: skizelo’s question. Conan isn’t wearing a top. What are you talking about?

    Oh. THAT top. I have a few possibilities:

    1. Magic
    2. Krazy Glue
    3. The pure, unadulterated awesomeness of Ernie Chan scoffs at your petty laws of physics.
    4. Fashion for women has always been highly impractical.
    5. That top is actually a prank and is not supposed to work, to the surprise and delight of any heterosexual males in the vicinity.

    I’m going with #3, with maybe a little bit of #1 in there.

  5. Preach on, brother. He applied his awesome inks to Sal’s pencils on the Hulk for a short spell and gave that book some life and texture. Favorite Conan inker ever, especially on the black and white mag.

  6. I’ve been reading these collections too, Holy crap was John Buscema the Master! He could draw ANYTHING. No one has ever drawn a better snarling pirate or desert raider with bad intentions.

  7. I also took Ernie Chan’s work largely for granted back in the day, because he did so much of it. But now, looking back, I have realized what a masterful artist he was, whether inking his own or Big John’s pencils. His line work and detail were nothing short of amazing. Nice to see him getting some recognition at last. Thanks, Chris!