8 Comic Book Cocktails For Your New Year’s Party



Not to toot my own horn even more than one would expect from writing on my own website, but I’m pretty awesome at the field of amateur mixology, which is why the excellent Cathy Leamy took the time a few weeks back to ask what I’d put in a cocktail called the Emma Frost.

So today, in preparation for New Year’s Eve, the Drinkingest Night of All, I’ve written up fully drinkable (well, mostly drinkable) recipes for eight comic book themed cocktails! The Green Lantern! The Red Lantern! The Deadpool! And my personal favorite, The KGBeast! There’s even one in there dedicated to you!

The only one of mine that I didn’t include is The J. Jonah Jameson: Jameson whiskey in a pint glass. No ice. Drink while hating Spider-Man. Cheers!

Absolut Justice



Over at ComicsAlliance, I’ve got a lengthy review of Smallville: Absolute Justice (or SmAbJust, as Laura Hudson and I have taken to calling it), the two-hour Smallville movie where Clark Kent teams up with the heroes of the JSA.

As I make abundantly clear in the article, I’ve never seen a full episode of the show before last Friday, and while they certainly promoted the JSA appearance, I wasn’t too keen on jumping on now. So why the change of heart? An IM from Kevin Church on Thursday that just said “Let’s get drunk and liveblog Smallville tomorrow.”

Which is exactly what we did.

My weapon of choice was rum and coke; Kevin, being a Taxachusetts liberal, went with red wine, and the end result was the brief, bright Twitter hashtag #drunkville, which saw me twittering so often and so drunkenly that my account got locked down for the night with fifteen minutes left in the show. But it had its moments, and for those of you who missed it, here’s a few highlights:

theisb I like that there’s no attempt made to hide the fact that the Cosmic Rod totally just has a light bulb in it. #drunkville

BeaucoupKevin That’s one way to save on a special effects budget. Put your protagonist in a dumpster and have everything occur outside. #drunkville

theisb So wait. There’s a MARTIAN MANHUNTER on Smallville, but no Superman? #drunkville

theisb Bloodstained American Flag Fabric. Smallville, you are SUBTLE AS HELL. #drunkville

BeaucoupKevin Green Arrow’s pretty handsome. #drunkville

theisb “You don’t think Blondie’s our killer, do you?” “No. Debbie Harry’s still in Arkham.” #drunkville

BeaucoupKevin JSA stands for Just Superman Already. #drunkville

BeaucoupKevin I’m sipping my wine. @theisb is chugging liquor. ONE of us is going to make it to the end. #drunkville

theisb .@BeaucoupKevin It’s not #pleasantlybuzzedville, now IS it, Kevin? #drunkville

theisb I was sure–SURE–Clark was going to say: “They weren’t a team. They were a society. A JUSTICE SOCIETY.” #butiwaswrong #drunkville

BeaucoupKevin (I will say that my fondness for the Golden Age Flash uniform made me happy to see the hat. #drunkville)

BeaucoupKevin Meanwhile, at the Daily Planet where Clark Kent operates in his secret identity of Clark Kent… #drunkville

BeaucoupKevin “It’s been a long while since I made someone bleed.” I love hearing Superheroes talk like that. #drunkville

theisb “Okay we can’t have Superman in tights, the public’ll hate it.” “Right. But we can totally have Hawkman though.” “Oh of course” #drunkville

theisb Wait, they actually have SUPER-VILLAINS?! #drunkville

theisb Like, they for real have super-powered criminals, but NO SUPERMAN?! #drunkville

BeaucoupKevin I never thought I’d miss the fight scenes from MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, but here we are. #drunkville

BeaucoupKevin daaahahahaha hawkman you guys hahahahahaha #drunkville

theisb oh my god martian manhunter is wearing his suspenders backwards to give him the red X on his chest oh my GOD #drunkville

BeaucoupKevin OH MY GOD QUOTING STAR TREK II FOR REAL. #drunkville

BeaucoupKevin oh my god they actually said “a silver age of heroism” #drunkville

theisb Dr. Fate is coming very close to just straight up cutting an Ultimate Warrior promo. #drunkville

There’s more, of course, but since I’m not sure how well even the best of ’em hold up without the show (and the cocktails) to go along with them, I’ll leave it at that. The important part here is to remember one thing:

It is actually my job right now to get drunk and make fun of Smallville. And dudes… that is pretty awesome.

The Third Annual Great Moments in Irish Super-Heroics Special

Top o’ the evenin’ to ye! Today, for those of you who missed the rivers of Jameson flowing like the mighty Mississip’ through the streets of the land, was St. Patrick’s Day, where we all pause to celebrate the time that Shamrock and the Guardians of the Galaxy drove the Serpent Society from the shores of the Emerald Isle!

Or at least, I’m pretty sure that’s how it went. But regardless, it’s also the one day of the year when we celebrate our Irish heritage, real or imagined. And since there’s nothing that we like better here on the ISB than a rousing holiday tradition, we set aside St. Pat’s to salute the great Irish comic book characters!

Characters like…



StormWatch’s Hellstrike!



Future lawman Judge Joyce!



Jesse Custer’s vampire pal Cassidy!



Gotham City’s greatest hitman, Tommy Monaghan!

And of course…



X-Factor’s own Siryn!


Great characters all! Now, I was gonna ask you to raise your glasses in toast, but uh… it looks like they’re already on top of that one.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody!


Special thanks to Kevin and Ken for helping out with this one.