20 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. “Pardon My Saying It, but Batman Is Unique!” is the name of the big second act showstopper in the Broadway musical version of Knightfall I wrote. Call me DC, let’s make some magic!

  2. Forgive my ignorance, but is there a reason that hand’s more like a giant mangled claw of flesh rather than a hand?

  3. The Metal Men would be a shitty replacement for Jimmy Olsen,let alone Batman.

  4. I like that Batman is saying this with his head back and up, like he’s talking to God. Batman is so hardcore he’s telling God he’s unique. I think that’s what we call asking for it.

  5. Criminy, Batman is worse than an opera diva. “You want to deprive an adoring public of its STAR!” (It’s always a sign of toolishness when a dude starts referring to himself in the third person.)

  6. He’s right, you know ? After all, Gotham doesn’t ever deserve a Batman.

  7. The hand belongs to yet another 3-day Mayor of Gotham.

    However, it’s kind of cool if you think of it being an off-screen Julie Schwartz.

  8. It’s always been obvious Batman is the worst sort of diva. People are trying to drop Chandeliers on him ALL THE TIME.

  9. Interesting choice to post next to the mysteries of Spiderman’s crotch…