17 thoughts on “BATMAN

  1. With all the gorillas he goes up against, you’d think he’d have some gorilla sedative prepped by now.

    Unless he prefers the old flying kick only when it comes to taking down gorillas. Which wouldn’t shock me. He watched his parents get murdered. No one expects him to completely emotionally balanced.

  2. That’s a pretty melancholy gorilla. I can’t tell if he’s been knocked down by Batman, or is just severely downcast.

  3. Batman’s still using the old flying kick? Doesn’t he realize how far flying kick technology has come?

  4. I think the emphasis is on ‘old.’ He’s obviously referring to a cornerstone of the VS TCG, and he prefers the card with Iron Fist on it, not She-Hulk.

  5. What Batman DIDN’T reveal was that he received early Flying Kick training from a young, heartbroken Dr. Jane Goodall…